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The International Bulk Wine Competition is the only competition in the world that was conceived to promote this type of wine and to guarantee transparency and a better knowledge of the quality of bulk wines. The IBWC was also created with the aim of bringing to light the virtues of bulk wine among consumers and international distributors, dignifying its consumption and rewarding the efforts of its makers.

The IBWC will be held one day before the start of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE), on the coming 19th November at the Amsterdam’s RAI.

Wineries from all over the world that produce a minimum quantity of 10.000 liters can take part in the Competition. The first and second sample will have a cost of 110 €, and from the third one each sample will cost 90 €. In addition, exhibitors in the World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be offered a 30% discount on the total of the samples costs. Each wine sample must be presented with three bottles of 0.75 liters, with their comprehensive labeling and prepaid postage. Those interested can register on the following link.

The different categories are the following: white wines, red wines, rosés and special wines, whether they have aged in wood or not, and in addition to those which possess a variety denomination, a geographic indication or a designation of origin. For red wines, there are two additional categories: the 2017 wines and those of previous vintages.

The wines that obtain between 83 and 87 points will be awarded a Silver Medal. A Gold Medal will be given to wines that obtain between 88 and 95 points and those between 96 and 100 points will win the Grand Gold Medal. The Competition will be ruled by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) scoring system, and the total number of awards will not exceed 30% of the participating samples. The Best Wine Award will be given to the wine earning the highest score in any of the aforementioned categories.

 Tlf: +34 902 09 07 88      competition@worldbulkwine.com