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The main objectives pursued by the WBWE with this Competition are the following:

  • to encourage the production and elaboration of great quality wines based on the wines of large volumes, and especially merging human, cultural and natural factors together whilst respecting the environment,
  • to promote knowledge, within the international market and among foreign consumers, of the huge quality of wine of large volumes and, in particular, the quality of the wines which have earned awards, which will be widely advertised by the most prestigious international circuits among the media specialized in wine,
  • to contribute to spreading wine culture and responsible consumption and promoting the cardio-healthy benefits of wine.


This international competition will take place according to the following RULES, in compliance with the international standard of the O.I.V. and the U.I.Œ. in this matter.

Wines from Castilla-La Mancha
JF Hillebrand

 Tlf: +34 902 09 07 88      competition@worldbulkwine.com