Those eligible to apply for participation in WBWE 2017 include all individuals or legally constituted groups whose business activity is fully linked to the production, marketing, promotion or wholesale distribution of bulk wine, and who possess the corresponding licence.


Applications to reserve space should be made before October 14th, 2017. The application process may be completed on our website, or by downloading and filling out the form available there. The reservation will be considered confirmed when the WBWE office receives the reservation application and the deposit slip for €1850. The deposit will be deducted from the final cost (for the formalization of the contract, see final payment).


NOTE: Given the limited capacity, spaces will be assigned until full occupancy is achieved. Those who register after this point will be informed and their registration fee returned.


2.1. The types of stand on offer at WBWE 2017:

    - Individual Business Stand

      Default model stand with a space of 9 m2. Size: 3x3 m. Occupancy: one company.

      More details

    - Corner Individual Business Stand (SOLD OUT)

      Similar to the previous stand but located in a corner. Higher visibility. Occupancy: one company.

      More details

    - Stand PLUS

      Similar to the Individual Business Stand but double sized. (6x3 m). Occupancy: one company.

      More details

    - Corner Stand PLUS (SOLD OUT)

      Similar to the Double Business Stand but located in a corner. Occupancy: one company.

      More details

    - Shared Business Stand

      Two companies may exhibit on the same Business Stand, each company being supplied with a separate exhibit table.

      More details

    - The Little Treasures Selection

      There is a unique opportunity for participation in the World Bulk Wine Exhibition on a group stand, which will collectively present a variety of quality bulk wines.


      Participation in the Little Treasures Selection is open to wineries of proven quality and which produce less than 2,000,000 litres.


      Wineries that qualify will be assigned a space within the "Little Treasures Selection" area in order to present their products. Each winery will be identified by a personalized sign.

      More details

    - Other Options

      Select this option when filling in the Registration Form. We will contact you to find the best option that can fit your requirements.


2.2. Exhibition fee for WBWE 2017


The exhibition fee covers everything necessary in order to market products to bulk wine buyers and take full commercial advantage of the event: an exhibit stand with a personalized sign*; inclusion in the official WBWE catalogue; all the necessary materials for a professional wine-tasting service, including wine glasses (replacements and cleaning as needed), water, ice, and spittoons; registration of three products in the Silent Tasting Room; access to the Business Centre; free WiFi; and daily cleaning of the stand.


* Exhibitors must supply the design in the required electronic format. WBWE is responsible for printing and mounting.


The exhibition fee depends on the type of stand requested:







Individual Business Stand

7.560 euros    



Corner Individual Business Stand

8.580 euros    




Stand PLUS

13.860 euros    


Corner Stand PLUS

15.180 euros    




Shared Business Stand

4.500 euros    


Little Treasures Selection

3.600 euros    



NOTE: Businesses that register themselves and do the payment of the 1,850 euros of registration fee* before 1st of May 2017, will receive a 7% discount off the final cost (the omission of the payment within time period will imply the loss of the discount). This discount does not apply for Little Treasures Selection stands.

* Registration fee for special stands is 20% of the overall stand costs.






2.3. Form of payment


A deposit of €1,850 (deductible from the final cost), should be made by bank transfer to the following account:





C/ Morago, 7 Bajo. E13200 Manzanares (Ciudad Real) SPAIN

Bank Name:

Global Caja

Account No.:

ES75 3190 2026 73 4447181225



IBAN Code:



Once the deposit has been made, a copy of the receipt should be e-mailed ( or faxed to: (+34) 926 61 11 55.



2.4. Final payment


Once the amount of €1,850 has been received as a deposit, the organization will send each applicant the corresponding invoice, together with the receipt. The contract will be considered formalized once the final payment has been made.


The final payment should be made by bank transfer to the bank and account previously indicated, or by online payment (see point 2.3. "Form of payment").


Deadline for final payment: 24th October 2017.



Registration in the WBWE 2017 does not guarantee participation.


Once the pre-registration form is completed and deposit has been received, the Organization will provide the floor plan by turn in terms of registration date, in which you will see the espaces available.

Exhibitor will have 72 hours to choose their location and inform the Organization about it, this way location will be blocked. If this period expires and the exhibitor hasn't informed about the desired option, the Organization will assign one amongst those available.

The organisation reserves the right to modify the location of any company exclusively on the grounds of technical criteria being the exhibitor informed in advance.


The Organization reserves the right of acceptance and may reject any applications which, under its criteria, are not in line with the purposes and regulations of the Exhibition. Admission of applications will be closed once all of the exhibit spaces have been filled, which will be assigned according to availability.


Design of the Exhibition zone will be completed as the registration is filled in by exhibitors. However, depending on the availability of space and, especially within thirty days before the Exhibition, the Organization may make design and location changes if necessary.


Waiver to participation in the event will lead to forfeiture of fees paid for whatsoever reason.


Under no circumstances may exhibitors transfer admission rights to third parties when these rights have been granted by the organisation.


Daily from 10 a.m. to 18.00 p.m., on 20th and 21st November, 2017.

Exhibitors and stand personnel, duly accredited, will be able to access the grounds one hour before it is opened to the general public and may remain half an hour after closing time.

At the discretion of the organisation, these timelines may be extended in special cases.

General conditions:

a) Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from entering the pavilion while the trade fair is being held.

b) Smoking is prohibited throughout the grounds.

c) No speakers or musical devices are allowed on tables nor any type of advertising (posters, signs, banners, etc.) that could disturb the public and/or exhibitors. Those elements that represent a clear hazard to persons or merchandise must likewise be avoided.

d) Extra services for cleaning, administrative personnel, surveillance, food and beverage, as well as audiovisual reports inside the pavilion must be commissioned to the organisation. The organisation reserves the right to photograph or film the facilities and tables using any means, as well as the articles exhibited there and to hold the exclusive rights to these recordings.

e) The distribution of any type of advertising (brochures, printed materials, etc.) will be done within the space rented by the exhibitor. Companies that have not formalised their presence at the event will not be allowed to advertise.

f) The exhibited articles must remain on the stand during the days and times that the event is held, although they may be removed on finalisation, if deemed appropriate by the exhibitor, after notifying and receiving authorisation from security personnel. In general, during the exhibition merchandise may be brought to and taken from the grounds one hour before opening or after it has closed to the public.

Slight amendments to the regulations governing the event may be made by the organisation for improvement purposes.


Requirements to take into account during assembly

The organisation will be in charge of stand fitting, duly having the personnel required to this end. Exhibitors will be able to access their stands and set up the elements and merchandise between 6,30 p.m. and 8,30 p.m. on 19th November and one hour before the start of the trade fair.

It is absolutely forbidden to make changes to the exhibition building or facilities. Thus, painting, nailing, affixing rawlplugs, scratching walls, floors or columns are prohibited. Neither can the structural elements of the building be affected.


To avoid damages to the wall panels, you have to comply to the following rules:

It is not allowed to drill, screw, nail, staple, write or paint into the wall panels. Please do not use any kind of fixing material that causes any damage to the wall panels and the aluminium sections (for example glue). When fixing materials/remainders have to be removed afterwards, the exhibitor will be charged for the cleaning costs. Cleaning costs are € 15,00 per item. The replacement value per wall panel is € 30,00. Additional work and/or damages under € 115,00 will be raised with € 25,00 administration costs.

Remember that the common areas and service areas of the pavilion or the utility connections and/or general networks for supplies and emergencies cannot be blocked or obstructed.

Exhibitors cannot occupy a space that is larger than the space assigned by the organisation and they must strictly respect space definitions. Should it be observed that the exhibitor has occupied a larger space or has caused any damages attributable to his company after the event has started, the exhibitor will be charged the amount applicable for each item.

Requirements to take into account during dismantling

Dismantling items before the fair is over is forbidden.

Once the fair is over, Exhibitors must remove all their belongings from the stand, leaving the facilities vacant.

Dismantling must be carried out on the last day, starting half an hour after closure. Dismantling or removing products is forbidden without the authorization of the organizing committee.


a) The exhibitor's rights over the space they have been assigned includes the rental of the stand from one hour before the start of the trade fair, during the fair and until the end of the period laid down for dismantling.

b) After making a timely and proper request, exhibitors that so require may request additional power, telephone, Internet connection, cleaning, hostesses, extra security, photographic and audiovisual documentary reports and all other services offered in the contractual documentation. These services will be invoiced by the organisation as applicable. Payment must be made before assembly starts.

c) Free services for exhibitors include permanent security at the facilities, maintenance of trade fair activities and cleaning of common areas. In this respect, all packaging and unusable materials must be placed in the appropriate locations.

d) The public liability service is compulsory and must be taken out with the organisation. The premium for this is already included in the participation fees when reserving the space. Personnel who participate in works inside the pavilion will be insured against accidents and up to date with social security contributions, taxes and other employment and tax obligations.


All actions that entail a risk of damage or accident are prohibited, except when express consent has been received from the organising committee, after the exhibitor makes a written request to perform specific activities.

No activities will be permitted in the exhibition area that could generate smoke, fire, gasses or high temperatures.


The organisation will not be held liable for any possible accidents, damages or losses of any nature that could affect persons or inanimate objects with regard to both exhibitors and to third parties.

Likewise, the organisation will not be held liable for losses of materials and objects stored on each stand through robbery, theft or any damages they could incur before, during or after the trade fair, even when all opportune security measures have been adopted.


If, on grounds attributable to the organisation, the event is cancelled, exhibitors will have the right to be repaid all fees paid until that time, but with no right to compensation for this cause.

Fortuitous acts and force majeure shall not be considered as causes attributable to the organisation. Events caused by strikes, power cuts or others of a similar serious nature shall likewise be excluded.

Participation at the 2017 WBWE implies that the exhibitor fully accepts these regulations.

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