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WBWE 2015 Photo Gallery

WBWE 2015 Photo Gallery


The Coop Languedoc Roussillon is the winner of the 2015 Voice of Wine award, a tribute to the continuing effort in promotion carried out by the Languedoc Roussillon region in France and abroad. By delivering the 2015 Voice of Wine award we want to praise the quality and diversity of these wines, produced with the utmost respect for the wine tradition typically associated with this emblematic region of the South of France.

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The Vine

The 7th edition also brought novelties that were oriented towards an important increase of business opportunities and to develop the possibilities of the wine sector. The official launch of this new area (THE VINE, ALL ABOUT VINE, EXCEPT WINE) within the fair, left very good impressions both for its first participants and for the visitors; and that is why the development and growth perspectives of this area are promising. THE VINE was conceived to foster business opportunities and to create synergies among professionals of the vine sector but who are not necessarily winemakers.

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Latest News

The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition expects to receive more than 220 exhibitors and 6.000 visitors from around the world

2016-09-09.- In 2015, bulk wine represented 38.6% of global exports The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will hold its eighth edition on the 21st and 22nd of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI
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The WBWE is happy to announce the call-for-papers for The Vine Science Award, the 3rd International Scientific Poster Competition

2016-07-25.- The Vine Science Award is looking for researches related to obtaining and applying wine and vine by-products. Abstracts should be send by the 16th October 2016. The best poster project will be awarded with a prize valued at €3.000, based on its originality and ground-breaking nature. The eighth World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the 21st and 22nd of November 2016 at the Amsterdam’s RAI.
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2016-07-19.- Venezuelan wine expert, Melina Bertocchi will visit the World Bulk Wine Exhibition to host the master class 'Trends of wine consumption in Peru' and to participate on the Jury of the International Bulk Wine Competition
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On-line registration to take part in the 8th edition of the WBWE is open.

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International Bulk Wine Competition 2015

The International Bulk Wine Competition received in 2015 more than one hundred samples from 9 different countries (Argentina, Australia, Chile, Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Canada and Croatia).

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Exhibitors Quotes

Tony StephenTony Stephen - Scheid Vineyards (EE.UU.)

«We wanted to show that the bulk wine sector has also a top end – and that a producer with 35 million liters production per year can handle the quality issue without any problems. More than 20 very interesting new contacts from all around the world show us that we are on the right way. WBWE is a very good exhibition, exactly the right place to go.»

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Gourmet Area

The gourmet area was one of the highlights of the WBWE: a tasting workshop with gourmet creations inspired by the wine regions of the participating countries. The chef in charge of this area was Galician chef Kike Piñeiro, who was accompanied by his usual partner Mark Wernink.

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