Therefore, as the great business forum for big wine producers and purchasers worldwide, the WBWE aims to be the meeting point for all those professionals from sectors that generate economic activity around the vine and the wine.







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In 2015, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition ran, for a second consecutive year, the area “The Vine. All about the vine except wine” , which focuses on promoting new wine and vine business developments. In its second year running, The Vine significantly increased the number of participating companies, as well as the surface occupied within the WBWE. In 2016, for its third edition, The Vine’s goal is still focused on fostering synergies among all the businesses that evolve around the vine and the wine; by creating a meeting point where the wine sector could make the most of all the resources and technologies at its disposal, allowing the vine sector to reach its full potential in terms of profit.

In 2016, The Vine. All about the vine except wine will once again be available to food and beauty companies, alongside companies from other sectors, whose products are derived from, byproducts, sub-products and/or residues from the vine or the vinification; as well as to technology and service supplier’s companies that help developing said products and activities.

In its second year running, and in addition to the support of numerous companies which also participated in the first edition, The Vine gathered more than 30 companies boasting a wide variety of products, such as jams and jellies (Elasun, Bubub, Bodegas Roble), beauty products (Uvas Frescas, Viñali, Vigne Cosmetics, Wine Cosmetics, Il poggiarello cosmetici, Vid Esencial), spirits and other alcoholic beverages (Group Grap’Sud, Bodegas Williams & Humbert, Cervezas Medina), table grapes (Uvas Doce), marzipans and other sweets (Rodi, Habemus, Mostillo Almudeno), salts (Abadía Retuerta), vinegars (De Nigris), scented candles (Vila Hermanos, Ianua Caeli), functional bio-products for agriculture (Microgaia Biotech), pharmaceutical products (Actichem), vine shoots (Barbecue & Vigne, Leñas Legua, Todo brasa, Vocarraje, Biomasa Sancho), recovery of wastes, biorefineries and fertilizers (Destilerías San Valero, Microgaia Biotech, Proyecto Clamber, Biopranaworld), and other organic grape derivatives (Explotaciones Hnos. Delgado, Alvinesa), as well as companies specializing in environmental law (Terraqui).

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition focuses on these types of companies that every year have more presence and relevance within the sector, and whose activities go far beyond wine, whether it is marketed in bulk or bottled. Right now these companies are starting to build a near future, where they become an economic pillar within the wine industry. Using every resource and expanding every possibility out of the vineyards, these companies carry out a more profitable activity in economic terms and, at the same time, they boost a more sustainable use of resources at an environmental level. These two aspects ensure the continuity of winegrowing soils.

The WBWE is the ideal place for such companies to show to wine-makers, entrepreneurs and distributors the economic alternatives that might be generated from the vine business; because it is the biggest international trade fair devoted to bulk wine. In 2015, during its 7th edition, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition gathered more than 200 companies, which represented 85% of the global supply for bulk wine; and more than 6.000 professionals from 66 different countries attended the fair. Once again, over two days, Amsterdam became the world’s bulk wine capital and the major meeting point for the wine industry’s key players.

In addition, at its 3rd edition, The Vine will award special recognition to the most outstanding product presented during the fair, based on its ground-breaking innovation, originality and/or commitment with vine and wine. This prize will mean that the selected product will have a priority place to be displayed within The Vine’s exhibition space, and it will also appear in a prominent manner in newsletters, as well as being directly presented to the sector’s professionals.

The WBWE, the biggest wine fair in terms of business transactions, is getting ready for its 8th edition, which will be held the 21st and 22nd of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI.



THE VINE: All about the Vine, except Wine.