130 companies from 11 countries participated in the 4th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition

130 companies from 11 countries participated in the 4th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition

A total of 130 wine companies from 11 countries across the five continents took part in the 4th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, representing a 30% increase on last year and with an offer of around 50% of the global bulk wine business.

The world’s largest bulk wine meeting got off to a start yesterday at the RAI Elicium in Amsterdam, and enjoyed the presence of the Spanish Ambassador in the Netherlands, Francisco Javier Vallaure de Acha; the Minister of Agriculture of Castilla La Mancha, María Luisa Soriano; the Minister of Production and Economic Development of the Provincial Government of San Juan (Argentina), Marcelo Alós, and the event’s director, Otilia Romero de Condés, who emphasized that “This is undoubtedly the annual event where the largest quantity of bulk wine is traded”.

This year is the most important yet since the creation of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, as what happens over these two days will largely define the course of the 2012 harvest. The main players in this future are the more than one thousand buyers that have visited the event, from over 60 different countries with a purchasing power of nearly 30 million hectolitres, well above the capacity for supply. Some of these buyers include Cofco (China), Arcus Wine Brands (Norway), Fondberg (Sweden), OJSC Abrau-Durso and National Wine Terminal (Russia), Bodegas Valdepablo (Spain), and Kataoka & Co. (Japan).

Regarding the current situation, trade in bulk wine during 2011 amounted to about 4,000 million litres, worth around 2,500 million euros. This volume is expected to fall, due to the drop in harvest in the three main producing countries, Spain, Italy and France. In contrast, Argentina, Australia, Chile and New Zealand witnessed a slight increase.

As regards exhibitors, France has the highest representation of wineries, with 35 in total, followed by Spain, with Castilla La Mancha as the region with the largest number of participants (19). The other producing countries, according to number of wineries, are: Italy (23), Argentina (12), South Africa (10), Chile (8), and Uruguay, as well as Australia, the US, Portugal and Liechtenstein.

The US and Liechtenstein are attending for the first time as producing countries, with the former being represented by companies Kendall Farms and The Wine Group who, in addition to their American wines, are also premiering their Australian wines.



This edition also saw the opening of the new Silent Tasting Room, one of the fair’s key areas, now relocated in a new space designed to guarantee the maximum concentration of buyers and industry professionals who come to taste the different qualities of bulk wine offered at the event.

Another new feature of the Silent Tasting Room for this event is the incorporation of a revolutionary lighting system based on cold light adapted to enhance professionals’ concentration and selection.

SERIES OF TALKS: “Variety is the spice of life. The importance of tastings in the international bulk wine market.

Yesterday, the series of talks began with Federico Castellucci, director general of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) with a lecture on “Recent changes in the global wine market with a focus on bulk wine”.

Various industry personalities have participated in this year conferences, as Natalia Posadas Dickson, international marketing expert and buyer for the Co-op Food Group; Rafael del Rey, director of the Spanish Observatory Wine Market (OEMV); Gregorio Muñoz Organero, agricultural engineer and researcher at IMIDRA; Italo Pitis, managing director of Coop de France Languedoc-Roussillon; Frédérique Vimont and Florence Decock, sales director at VITOP and marketing director at Smurfit Kappa; Jean Luc Favarel, manager of Research & Development of Pera company; Marcelo Alós, Production and Economic Development minister of San Juan province (Argentina); Carlo Flamini, director of Il Corriere Vinicolo (Italy), Salvador Manjón, director of La Semana Vitivinícola (Spain), John Salvi MW (United Kingdom) and Petronella Salvi (South Africa).

The series of talks was dedicated to the importance of the native varieties in the international market, taking into account that mono-varietal wines have grown to be an important benchmark over the previous editions of the WBWE, achieving greater added value in their transactions.

You can view the full programme of talks at the following link: https://www.worldbulkwine.com/esp/conferencias.html



Coinciding with the inauguration of the series of talks, was the presentation of the  second edition of the Voice of Wine award, which this year, by unanimous decision, goes to the European Wine Committee (CEEV), based in Brussels.

The jury considered the CEEV to deserve winners of the award because of their “passionate defence of the wine sector before the highest European authorities and powerful anti-alcohol lobbyists, and for always conveying a positive message of moderation about the social, cultural, economic, and health benefits of wine.”

With this award, the WBWE seeks to recognise the tremendous work being undertaken by European wine industry organisations in international forums, and for transmitting the message about the benefits of moderate wine consumption.

The award, received by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) in the event’s first edition, rewards the noteworthy work of individuals or collectives in defending the values ​​of wine, and their efforts to promote this sector which is so important from an economic, cultural, and social perspective.



During the IV edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has been presented The International Bulk Wine Society, a private platform for managing, representing, defending and promoting the common interests of the partners, who are representatives of bulk wine production and marketing companies. The organization will offer more information about this powerful platform soon.



The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is organised by Spanish company Pomona Keepers. The fourth edition, taking place on 19 and 20 November at the RAI Elicium in Amsterdam, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has positioned itself as an exclusive space for promoting and discovering the best bulk wines from around the world, very soon after the harvesting work has been completed.

Pomona Keepers’ philosophy has always been to create wealth in the region, to maintain the wine-growing area, and to making a strong commitment to the environment and to reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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