A Chilean bulk wine won a ‘Platinum -Best in Show’ medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards

A Chilean bulk wine won a ‘Platinum -Best in Show’ medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards

La Moneda Reserva Malbec 2015, a bulk wine that is bottled and sold by Wal-Mart’s subsidiary in England, but produced by the Chilean company RRWine, has won the “Platinum – Best in Show” medal awarded to the best red single-varietal under £15 by the prestigious magazine Decanter. At the Decanter World Wine Awards 16.000 different wines participated, of which 600 were Chilean.

This is not the first award to be given to a Chilean bulk wine. In fact, at last year’s International Bulk Wine Competition, which was held alongside with the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in Amsterdam, a Malbec Reserva 2015 (from the Chilean winery “Viñedos Puerta”) won the Grand Gold Medal out of 113 wines, together with the Italian Negroamaro 2015 of Vincenzo Solferino.

The selection was made by 240 wine-tasters, who opted for quality bulk wine. Thus, the retail price of this wine is a little more than five Euros, even though the price ceiling for wines in order to participate in this contest was up to 20 Euros. The owner of the winery, Raimundo Valenzuela, highlights that this award has showed us that “bulk wine has imposed itself over bottled wine”. He also emphasizes that a wine is not good or bad because it is sold in bulk or bottled, but “because it has quality or not”; and he underlines that there are good and bad bulk wines, as well as there are good and bad bottled wines.

Valenzuela defends bulk wine with the same vigor as Spanish producers do. He says that Chile has a production of 13 million hectoliters and that the domestic market only consumes 2.5 million hectoliters; “so it is impossible to bottle all of it, therefore bulk wine is an alternative to sell inexpensive wine and achieve added value. This is the reason why 45% of the exported Chilean wines are already bulk wines”.

This Chilean wine-producer points out that it doesn’t appear logical to sell a bottle for three Euros on the international market, because bulk wine gains better profit margins and with far fewer costs if quality wine is being produced. Valenzuela attacks “Wines of Chile” for not supporting bulk wine with the same effort as this association does with bottled wine. He indicates that entrepreneurial freedom to choose to produce bulk or bottled wine should not be limited and should only depend upon each winery´s criteria.

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