World Bulk Wine Exhibition

“The art of blending wine”, The sole international workshop specialized in the technique of blending, will be held in Amsterdam on the coming 26th & 27th of November

“When the whole is better than the sum of its parts” Ed Adams MW The Art of Blending Wine presents the program of its second edition. It is an intensive workshop over two days in which some of the most prominent experts in the art of blending worldwide will play a key role. 16 speakers from 10 different nationalities, among...

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The WBWE presents: Leona de Pasquale

Leona de Pasquale is taking part as a jury in the International bulk Wine Competition, the only competition in the entire world that supports the promotion, transparency, quality and prestige of great bulk wines, which are produced all over the world. The International Bulk Wine Competition is taking place at the RAI of...

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The WBWE presents: Khean Hooi Goh

Khean Hooi Goh will participate in the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition and will provide a key contribution to the market, given his prominent position acquired due to a fascinating career path. Khean Hooi Goh is a Civil Aviation engineer. The initial years of his working life were...

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The WBWE Presents: Deborah Parker Wong

Deborah Parker Wong is one of California’s most prestigious wine specialized journalists. This year, she will attend for the first time the WBWE attracted by the leading role that the US market will have throughout this year’s fair. On the 10th anniversary of the world’s biggest trade fair devoted to the bulk wine business, it i...

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The WBWE Presents: Nick Jones

As premium quality private labels are becoming a popular strategy, smaller batches of high-end wines need to be shipped from winery to winery. A small addition of a carefully selected wine can make miracles to a final blend. Wines are also taken from wineries unbottled for bottling at a contract bottler, this is especially common if the wine is to...

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The WBWE Presents: Silvia Anthonj

Silvia Anthonj is one of the wine professionals who has always supported the World Bulk Wine Exhibition. On the 10th anniversary of the world’s biggest trade fair devoted to the bulk wine business, Silvia Anthonj will accompany us once again, as well as participating as a member of jury at...

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