British company Euromoneypurchases 40% of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition Ltd stock

British company Euromoneypurchases 40% of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition Ltd stock


Euromoney’s involvement, quoted on the London stock exchange, represents a huge boost for Amsterdam’s World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

For the 7th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, Amsterdam will once again be the focus of the wine industry on the coming 23rd and 24th of November

The prestigious British international business-to-business media group, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC (“Euromoney”) has consolidated its stake in the bulk wine sector by purchasing 40% of the equity of World Bulk Wine Exhibition, the biggest worldwide trade fair within the sector.

After six annual events, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has become the largest meeting in the world devoted to bulk wine commercialization and is the trade fair dedicated to the sector which generates the most turnover. The WBWE is also one of the 5 most important fairs in the world, as the international specialist trade press has confirmed.

Euromoney’s recent participation, becoming a strategic partner for this platform, confirms the economic importance and business potential of an event which brings together the major producers, importers and professionals in the wine sector from around the world over two key days.

With this transaction, Euromoney joins Pomona Keepers S.L., the Castilian company that has created and organizes the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, helping to consolidate and develop the growth of this business platform.

Euromoney is one of the leading companies in the international online information and events industry. Created in 1969, DMGT plc hold just under 67% of its shares. The company is chaired by Richard Ensor with Christopher Fordham as Managing Director and Colin Jones as Finance Director. The agreement with the World Bulk Wine Exhibition was negotiated with Paul Hunt, Euromoney’s Deputy Finance Director (and previously the Senior Corporate Development Manager).

Euromoney’s investment in WBWE complements Euromoney’s existing Paris-based wine business meetings and trade fair organizer Adhesion Group S.A. (“Adhesion”). For over 30 years, Adhesion has been successfully developing international professional events for the wine industry such as Vinisud, the international exhibition of mediterranean wines, which attracted over 33,000 international visitors and 1670 wine producers in 2014, and under the World Wine Meetings (“WWM”) brand pre-arranged business meetings between professional wine buyers and producers in Barcelona, Chicago and Singapore.

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Through fostering closer collaboration between WBWE and Adhesion, Euromoney will create a wine events division with complementary skills to accelerate the growth and further cement the importance of its major events Vinisud and World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

Euromoney’s collaboration with Pomona Keepers also gives recognition to the work carried out by the Spanish company since it was founded, because Euromoney has declared its commitment to the current WBWE team. Thus, efforts are now focused on developing a common line of work that will consolidate this strategic alliance, to ensure that the new joint venture will guarantee future growth.

According to Ahmad Monhem Adhesion Group’s CEO:

“With this investment in World Bulk Wine Exhibition, our group will consolidate its position as a market leader in the organization of professional events for the wine and spirits sector. Our business meetings and trade shows focus on the worldwide promotion of both the bottled wine & bulk wine sales components of the industry.”

According to Otilia Romero de Condés WBWE’s CEO:

"By partnering with the wine and spirits division of Euromoney and tapping into the expertise of Adhesion Group, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition will accelerate its development in major producing regions. We look forward to leveraging significant synergies from the alliance with Adhesion, who have extensive experience of organizing a major event. Vinisud and World Bulk Wine Exhibition are two of the top five largest trade fairs for the wine and spirits market."


After six editions, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has become the biggest fair in the world devoted to wine commercialization, in terms of volume. The WBWE will be held on the 23rd and 24th of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI, the place where, for the last six years, the main producers and wine buyers worldwide have gathered for two days of intense commercial trade.

The last WBWE saw 6000 visitors from 59 different nationalities, together with 250 producing wineries from 19 countries brought together in the same place. This represents a 30% increase in participation compared to the previous year.


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