Bulk wine trade: the key to a greener wine industry


Bulk wine trade: the key to a greener wine industry

The bulk wine industry will gather in Amsterdam on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 for the WORLD BULK WINE EXHIBITION


The bulk wine sector has a lot to say on environmental commitment. And this is not only due to the fact that transport in bulk is much less aggressive on the carbon footprint than exports of bottled wine, but also because the bulk wine sector can provide solutions for producers from countries where the weather is much warmer than usual.

The possibility of buying wines from cooler areas in order to improve a final product thanks to wines that naturally add freshness and acidity is an upward trend for the future.

The repercussion of climate change has been particularly rough; it has completely altered the agriculture and viticulture in numerous countries, such as in California and Australia, due to water shortage. Germany and Alsace have also been significantly affected (climate change has completely modified the harvesting periods; certain varieties have been affected by warmer temperatures; thus, a lot of those wine areas suffered lower acidities and higher alcohol, forcing growers to shift varieties).

Since its beginning, the WBWE has been committed to a more environmental-friendly and sustainable wine industry; an industry in line with current requirements and future’s challenges.

As a result of this effort, the Vine Research & Innovation WBWE has been developed.

It is a meeting point within the fair in order to create synergies between all those companies that share the WBWE’s discourse and philosophy in favor of circular economy, environment, innovation and research for a more sustainable sector.

World Bulk Wine Exhibition