Canada’s major bulk wine importers to take part in the WBWE

Canada’s major bulk wine importers to take part in the WBWE

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the coming 23rd and 24th of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI.

Canada has increased its bulk wine imports by over 100 million liters


The latest market data reveal Canada to be an ever more important actor in the bulk wine world market. Indeed, during 2014 Canada imported up to 103.5 million liters of bulk wine and bag-in-box for a sum of 107.6 million Canadian Dollars (slightly over 73 million Euros) at an average price of 0.71 Euros per liter, according to the Spanish Observatory for the Wine Market (OEMV).

Bulk wine purchases in 2014 increased by 11% in volume, going from 93.3 to 103.5 million liters, and by 9% in value, going from 67.17 million Euros in 2013 up to almost 73.5 million Euros in the last year. This import figure adds up to 27% of the 385 million liters purchased by Canada on the international circuit.

After looking at these figures, it isn’t surprising that Canada is playing an increasingly important role in the world’s biggest trade fair dedicated to the wine business. Some of the main Canadian wine importers have already confirmed their attendance to next WBWE, which will take place on the following 23rd and 24th of November in Amsterdam.

Among these important companies we can find Kruger Wines, Arista Wines and Vini-Quatro. They will be represented by their purchasing managers, who are attending the WBWE to get a firsthand impression, in only a few days, of the widest ranging offer of bulk wines in the whole world.

If you would like to know more about these and other Canadian importers that you will be able to meet in Amsterdam, this is a small close-up:



This is a key group in Canada focused on the wine business. Kruger has promotional agents representing export wines all over Canada. Kruger also has direct importers based on some Canadian provinces, such as Alberta. However, the main activities are importing bulk wines and selling them under private Brands. In Quebec, Kruger Wines and Spirits sells nearly 20% of the products offered across the Province by different networks. Kruger possesses three main divisions: Maison des Futailles, Mondia Alliance and L’entrepôt du Vin en Vrac.



Based in Québec, Arista Wines is a division of Lassonde industries, which is leader of the juice business in North America. This new division is becoming very popular and growing very fast.

Arista Wines imports bulk wine and supplies grocery stores mainly for the Quebec market. Jean-Yves Plamondon is one of the top buyers of bulk wine in Canada. He has a lot of experience purchasing wines.

Arista Wines offers quality wines and sells alcoholic beverages in an innovative and environmentally friendly packaging.



Vini-Quatro is a holding company which currently offers more than 850 products and whose sales amount to 170 million dollars. With 50 staff members, Vini-Quatro additionally works in partnership with 225 wine and beer producers of roughly 50 different countries.

Over the last fifteen years, Vini-Quatro has recorded an average annual growth rate of 10%. The company does business in Canada and throughout the world, and carries out production activities across Europe and North Africa. Furthermore, Vini-Quatro provides advisory services to assist companies within the wine industry. From 2015, Daniel Richard expects that his organization will be one of the top five companies in Canada.   



Australia, Chile and Spain are, currently, Canada’s most important suppliers, as far as can be told from the Customs report.

Australia has exported 28.3 million liters to Canada for a total amount of 17.7 million Euros, with an average price of 0.63 Euros per liter, followed by Chile with 19.2 million liters for 10.5 million Euros and by Spain with 13.2 million liters for 7.21 million Euros, with an average price of 0.55 Euros per liter in both Chile and Spain.

Other bulk wine suppliers for Canada are the United States, with 12.8 million liters for a total amount of 13.9 million Euros, at an average price of 1.05 Euros; South Africa with 9.5 million liters for 5.23 million Euros, at an average of 0.55 Euros per liter; France with 7.8 million liters for 8.43 million Euros, at an average of 1.08 Euros per liter; and Italy with 5.5 million liters for a total of 5.85 million Euros, at an average of 1.07 Euros per liter.


WBWE 2015

The seventh edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the coming 23rd and 24th of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI.

Companies from 21 different countries will be attending the 7th World Bulk Wine Exhibition, the biggest trade fair worldwide regarding business transactions. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the United States are the countries that will be participating in the WBWE for the time being.

Taking into account the number of registered exhibitors at present, the WBWE shows an increase of 15% in the number of participants compared to last year, in addition to a growth of 20% in the exhibition space.

These are significant data for a trade fair that puts together the most important wineries from all over the world. The provisional list of exhibitors can be checked here:

However, the importance of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition does not lie in the number of participating winemakers, but in the amount of wine that is transacted and in the turnover generated at the fair. After six editions, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has become the biggest fair in the world devoted to wine commercialization, in terms of volume.

World Bulk Wine Exhibition