China has become the great customer of Australian Wine

China has become the great customer of Australian Wine


Both powers will be widely represented at the next World Bulk Wine Exhibition, on the 20th and 21st of November



Australia, which during the last World Bulk Wine Exhibition became the object of Chinese buyers’ desire, exported a total of 4.15 million hectoliters of bulk wine in the past year, accounting for 54.5 % of its total foreign sales, amounting to 281 million euros, at an average price of 0.68 euros per liter.

This year, both powers will again participate prominently in the world’s largest fair for the wine business. Australia will do so through exhibiting wineries such as Growers Wine Group, Qualia Wines, Winegrapes Australia, Kignston Estate Wines or South Australian Wine Group.

Meanwhile, China will visit the fair with some of the country’s largest buying companies such as Cofco (No. 1 in the country) or Ninecoast (No. 8 in China). In China, there is a great interest in this fair that grows more year after year, as confirmed by the delegates of the WBWE in China.

This country will also be represented in the International Wine in Bulk Competition that is held inside the fair and in which will participate as a jury journalist Aileen Lee. This professional worked for a long time for China Wine News, China’s oldest newsletter, and now serves as head of the International Department of Yunjiu Media Beijing Ltd., the largest government-owned wine sector newsletter.

In addition to participating as a wine taster in the world’s only bulk wine contest (held in the framework of the WBWE), journalist Aileen Lee will speak with exhibitors and assistant producers to bring all possible information about the fair to China.



Exports of Australian wine to China grew by more than 44% in volume in 2016 to close to one million hectoliters (99.2 million liters) and more than 42% in value up to 346 million euros, ahead of the United States or the United Kingdom, who paid for their purchases 320 and 238.5 million euros respectively, according to data compiled by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (

However, Chinese bulk wine purchases represented a dramatic turnaround with an increase of 129%, up to more than 26 million liters, and an increase of 154% in terms of value accounting for 27 million euros, at an average price of 1.04 euros per liter. Thus, China, together with the Netherlands, is the fourth largest customer in terms of volume, behind the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. And third in terms of value, after the 120.5 million euros of the UK and 42 million euros in the United States, both at a much lower average price of 0.62 and 0.70 euros respectively.

Australia’s development in the bulk wine trade has been constant since 2000, when it barely accounted for 12.5%, compared to 85% for packaged wine, while in 2016 the first went to 54.5%, compared to 44% of the packaged wine.

Australian exports to China have gone from 0.1% in 2000 to 13% in terms of volume and almost 23% in terms of value. Other important markets for bulk wine from Australia, in addition to those mentioned above, are New Zealand with more than 15 million liters, Italy and Germany with almost 13 million liters and Belgium with 10.5 million liters. The best average prices obtained for the sale of bulk and bag-in-box wines, after China, corresponded to Thailand with 1.03 euros a liter, Sweden 0.91 euros per liter and Italy 0.91 euros per liter.



The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is aimed at producers and purchasers of bulk wine, wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, international chains, dealers, media, etc.

The main objective of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is to ensure that each participating exhibitor, who presents their varieties of quality bulk wine, has the best possible international showcase for their products. This is a goal that has been achieved thanks to our commitment to attract buyers from all over the world. The WBWE is an event of strategic importance not only due to the dates or the place where it is held, nor for its capacity to gather international trade operators, but for its 360 degree global vision on what the bulk wine sector has to offer.

The 9th WBWE will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2017 at the Amsterdam’s RAI: an exclusive space where, during the last eight years, the main producers and purchasers from all over the world have gathered for the most intense business days of the year.

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