The bulk wine challenge: environment, climate change and new business opportunities 

December 2nd 

11:30 2/12  Conferences Hall

Official launching of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition’s Conferences

Climate change, environment and the bulk wine trade during 2018

Pau Roca

The OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) Director General

The Voice of Wine Award will be given during the course of the launching.

12:15 2/12  Conferences Hall

Round table discussion on “The bulk wine business in the United States: New ways of commercialization”

Debora Parker Wong

Journalist and professor.

Editorial director of Wine Business Monthly

Enologist at Artesa Vineyards

Buyer for Hallgarten Wines in the UK.

13:15 2/12  Conferences Hall

“The Tannat and other grape varieties: Uruguay, an exporting country”

Martín López

International chief of INAVI (Uruguay’s National Wine Institute).

13:45 2/12  Conferences Hall

Round table discussion on climate change and opportunities for wine export from producing countries of Eastern Europe

Maria Karakanova

Specialised journalist from Bulgaria;

Moldavia’s National Bureau of Vine and Wine

Specialised journalist from Hungary.

14:45  2/12  Conferences Hall

“Fashions, trends and new wines in Italy”

Agnese Ceschi

Editor-in-chief of Wine Meridian

15:15  2/12  Conferences Hall

“Climate change and bulk wine’s foreign trade”

Rafael del Rey

Director of the OEMV (Spanish Wine Market Observatory).

16:00 2/12  Conferences Hall

“African Wines: A business project for small wineries from Black Africa”

Pardon Taguzu

Co-owner of African Wines

16:30  2/12  Conferences Hall

Conference & tasting session about “New climate change-resilient grape varieties”.

Jean Luc Favarel

Research and Development director of Pera-Pellenc group

December 3rd 

11:00  3/12  Conferences Hall

North Macedonian wines in the international trade

Jean Luc Favarel

Coordinator of the Wine Association of North Macedonia

11:30  3/12  Conferences Hall

Conference & tasting session of Taransaud Xtrachêne and “The use of oak alternatives for the mouth-feel construction of bulk wines”

Nicolas Rappeneau

Nicolas Rappeneau

Director general of Taransaud Xtrachêne

Dhabit Manon

Dhabit Manon

Director of R+D of Taransaud Xtrachêne

12:45 3/12 Conferences Hall

Round table discussion on trends, new wines and new consumers

Tugba Altinöz

Graduate in Business Administration, WSET and student of the Master of Wine from Turkey

Mi Yeun Hong

Journalist specialising in fashion, wines and lifestyle from South Korea.

Director of Wine Medirian (Italy)

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The World Bulk Wine Exhibition was born from its partners’ common concern and interest in wine commercialization on a global scale, the vineyard’s maintenance in present territories, defense of rural development and environmental protection.