‘Discovering Wine’: the new tasting area of the WBWE

‘Discovering Wine’: the new tasting area of the WBWE


Taking into account the exhibitors’ needs, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition offers the possibility to present their wines to a professional audience through a private tasting session.

The 7th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the 23rd and 24th of November 2015 at the Amsterdam’s RAI.


“Discovering Wine” is the new area of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, and it has been particularly set up for those exhibitors, who wish to present their wines making the most of this exceptional environment and the professional audience who will attend the trade fair from all over the world.

These exclusive wine tasting sessions will take place in a well-equipped room. During the trade fair, announcements will be made for the wine tasting sessions; and each tasting session will be directed at the winery’s guests and international purchasers.

The WBWE organizers will ensure the perfect environment and will provide everything needed for the faultless development of the wine tasting session.

The winery will be in charge of conducting the wine tasting session if it wishes, however the winery can also delegate this service to the WBWE professionals.

The room has a capacity of seventy-five people and the tasting sessions will take around 40 minutes. There is free admission until its capacity has been filled. Priority will be given to the international buyers invited by the winery.

For further information and for booking the wine tasting area, please write to: info@worldbulkwine.com.




The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the trade fair devoted to the wine industry, a two-day event, which is exclusively aimed at professionals and where every second of those two days matters.

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