Gourmet Area celebrates five years as one of the most appealing areas of the WBWE

Gourmet Area celebrates five years as one of the most appealing areas of the WBWE

The Gourmet Area, the gastronomic zone of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, reaches its fifth year and establishes itself as one of the most appealing parallel activities of the event. For this special occasion, DOC Delle Venezie ─before designated as a PGI─ wanted to be part of it to celebrate its step forward in quality and international standing, by means of gastronomy.

This time, Kike Piñeiro ─chef and co-owner of the restaurant A Horta d’Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)─ will once again make wine the focus of his menu. Chef Piñeiro will present a tour through five bites in which, as common practice and distinctive of this area, the wine will be presented as ingredient in every creation. Furthermore, the recipes, which contain white wine, references of DOC “Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie” will be included in their elaboration.

Gourmet Area’s 5thmenu:

Vegetable bite with sweet-and-sour wine sauce

Focaccia of wine with pickles and eel

Cheeses with wine in different textures

Duck with blood (orange)

Anise flavored soup, wine cake pudding and chestnut mousse


Through this, not only will the versatility of wine within cooking be demonstrated, but also the capacity of the harmonization of the wines of this Italian designation within international gastronomy.


Wines with Pinot Grigio: “Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venezie”

Established since April 2017, the DOC Delle Venezie, previously a PGI, is the new Italian designation of origin entirely devoted to the Pinot Grigio variety.

This designation gathers the following regions: Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto, as well as the autonomous province of Trento. These terroirs represent 85% of the Italian production of Pinot Grigio, the grape which characterizes the DOC and 43% of the global production of that variety.

This Italian wine-growing region lived through a great revolution over the past years; it was marked by improvement in terms of quantity, because the production in Véneto has increased more than double since 2010, but also in terms of quality, as innovation and technology have been a huge driver to achieve a more sustainable and respectful viticulture with the environment.

Attendees of the WBWE will be able to witness the change experienced by the wines of Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venezie thanks to the Gourmet Area.



The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is aimed at producers and purchasers of bulk wine, wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, international chains, dealers, media, etc.

The main objective of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is to ensure that each participating exhibitor, who presents their varieties of quality bulk wine, has the best possible international showcase for their products. This is a goal that has been achieved thanks to our commitment to attract buyers from all over the world. The WBWE is an event of strategic importance not only due to the dates or the place where it is held, nor for its capacity to gather international trade operators, but for its 360 degree global vision on what the bulk wine sector has to offer.

The 9th WBWE will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2017 at the Amsterdam’s RAI: an exclusive space where, during the last eight years, the main producers and purchasers from all over the world have gathered for the most intense business days of the year.

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