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The sponsorship of the WBWE provides a unique occasion to enhance your visibility within the bulk wine industry. The WBWE offers a limited number of potential sponsorships for companies of importance in the bulk wine sector. If you are interested in learning about the different possibilities to participate as an WBWE’s sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The leading information source for bulk logistics globally for over 30 years

First published in 1990, BULK DISTRIBUTOR is essential reading for companies involved in the transport, storage and logistics of bulk products - liquids, powders and gases.

For over 30 years Bulk Distributor has informed and connected a global audience of senior purchasers and decision makers in the bulk logistics supply chain with suppliers enabling the safe and efficient transport of bulk goods.

Through print, social media, digital and event support platforms Bulk Distributor offers comprehensive coverage and analysis of the key issues in the supply chain for bulk liquids, powders and gases across the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, food and beverage industries with coverage of developments in the sector, regular updates on the tank container, road tanker and industrial transit packaging markets.

With an international circulation of the highest quality Bulk Distributor magazine is read and used throughout the industry by decision-makers at both board-room and management level. Strong links with industry associations and high-level contacts ensure that our readers and collaborators can stay ahead of the competition.


WEINWIRTSCHAFT is the German trade paper serving the entire professional trade in wines and spirits with the highest number of copies sold. Its circulation has been verified by the German Association for Verification of the Circulation of Advertising Media.
WEINWIRTSCHAFT is written by professionals for professionals, providing informed comment, analysing trends, and anticipating future market developments.
WEINWIRTSCHAFT is an essential element in any communications strategy designed to address industry professionals in charge of purchase decisions.
WEINWIRTSCHAFT is of quite vital importance to producers and importers seeking to maintain and boost existing sales levels.
WEINWIRTSCHAFT is Germany’s No. 1 for wine.


Set up in 2000, www.vitisphere.com is the first media business for the wine industry. With over 1 million page views per month and 3 Internet reference sites as Vitisphere.comVitijob.com and Intervignes.comwww.vitisphere.com has also emerged as a specialist in e-marketing services dedicated to this sector. You have a project, do not hesitate to contact us. We have solutions for your needs.


DelWine is India’s first wine and food weekly online Newsletter since 2006. It is emailed to 33,000 subscribers in 71 countries, with 807 editions sent out as on 30 March, 2019. It has become a benchmark for online newsletters because of its objective, bold and authentic reporting about the Indian wine industry. It focuses on the Indian wine market though it gives a balanced coverage to other world news with relevance to the Indian market. Detailed accounts of winery visits, wine events, fairs, festivals and symposiums are reported as are interviews with the stars of the industry. There is special focus on the government taxation and procedural policies and trends.


Wine by Numbers, the first web magazine totally free dedicated to the international wine trade. Data and figures of the main exporter and importer countries at a glance: Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Brazil. The data are exposed in tables and figures with details on packaged wines, bulk and sparkling, showed in volume, value and average price.


Le Magazine «Drinks. Technologies and Innovations» is an international scientific-analytical magazine for specialists in gardening, viticulture and production of beverages: beer, juices, vodka and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages related industries, research institutions, professionals of basic industries - gardening and viticulture. Special category - laboratory equipment, packaging, logistics and transportation, trade, restaurant management, legal consulting, education, marketing techniques.

Contacts -. Ukraine, Kiev, rue Zapadinska, 5, tél: +38 (068) 5685822, tél / fax: +38 (0362) 608821.
E-mail:. napitki1@gmail.ru
Web site: www.techdrinks.com.ua




“La Gaceta del Vino” is an on-line media specialized in the wine sector. Possessing a strong professional focus, it addresses issues regarding the wine market, production, legislation, research projects, professional agenda and, broadly speaking, innovations and developments within the world of wine each week. Furthermore, “La Gaceta del Vino” includes contents on gastronomy, wine tourism, leisure and lifestyle in order to spread the enthusiasm for the wine world to others.


The drinks business is the world’s leading drinks trade news and information source, offering in-depth journal coverage and rolling news and features online and on social media. For further information and free registration to our daily newsletter please visit our site here: http://www.thedrinksbusiness.com.


The-Buyer.net (www.the-buyer.net) is a new digital website and platform that looks to bring worldwide wine and drinks producers closer to buyers in the supply chain through to the end buyers across the on-trade. It hopes to provide the insights, the trends and the analysis of the key issues facing both producers and buyers and how they can work more effectively together. The-Buyer.net also works across all main social media channels to share content and promote debate amongst the industry’s key influencers and can be followed at @TheBuyer11.



Authoritative specialized magazine on wines, spirits, beverages, restaurants, and gastronomy, since 1996. Our authors are internationally acclaimed journalists, sommeliers, winemakers, Masters of Wine. DRINKS+ is the constant media partner and participant of the world’s leading wine and gastronomy trade shows where one can regularly spot our magazine. Distribution& readership: wine boutiques and supermarkets 12%; consumers 17%; beverage producers 22%; importers, trade and distribution companies 24%; horeca 25%. Besides advertising campaigns, marketing services of DRINKS+ Communication Media Group include tastings for professional audience. Online: www.drinks.ua Contact: juliaue@ukr.net


Simple Wine News is a major Russia’s magazine about fine wines and spirits. Our journalists travel to the most remoted parts of the world, dive into the deepest cellars and slip into best kept places in the heart of wineries. We study culture and traditions associated with wine and gastronomy. Our ultimate goal is to provide our readers with all they need to know about wine: from the vineyard to the home collection. We speak and tell our stories in different languages.

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The organizing company of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the “World Bulk Wine Exhibition Ltd.”, which the majority shareholding is Comexposium, as well as the founding company of the event: Pomona Keepers Ltd. comprised of Enopasion.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition was born from its partners’ common concern and interest in wine commercialization on a global scale, the vineyard’s maintenance in present territories, defense of rural development and environmental protection.