The 11th WBWE confirms that packaging at destination is the alternative for the wine sector’s future


The 11th WBWE confirms that packaging at destination is the alternative for the wine sector’s future

The world’s biggest fair devoted to the bulk wine business just ended

After a few months of standstill in the market waiting for the WBWE launching, some of the year’s largest business transactions have been carried out throughout these past two days in Amsterdam

New trends in a constantly changing sector have been discussed within the framework of one of the most decisive forums for the wine industry: the WBWE

Today was the last day of the 11th WBWE in which 260 wineries from 24 different countries (more than 450 producers) have participated and 6,000 professional visits from 60 different nationalities have been received.

The WBWE is the sole fair in the entire world that is capable of gathering 80% of the global bulk wine supply throughout two days and in a single place; therefore, it is the biggest international encounter devoted to packaging at destination and private labels.

The WBWE has hosted major international operators, as well as professionals from different fields of the sector and companies of all sizes throughout these past two days. A wide range of supply alongside a business model focused on profitability has turn the WBWE into the fair where more contracts and agreements regarding wine to be packed (both in origin or at destination) are reached.

Producing countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Chile and Australia have once again had a substantial representation in this fair, but also new market players which are increasingly gaining importance in global trade, such as Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia, have participated in the fair and also in the IBWC (these countries won six gold medals); therefore, we can say that Eastern countries have made a strong impression, both in terms of production and quality.

Quality has probably been the motto during this year’s fair. Spectacular quality was evaluated in the International Bulk Wine Competition (IBWC) and diverse and remarkable qualities were displayed all over the fair. In the WBWE, wineries with premium bulk wines had the best platform in order to find the appropriate purchases for their products, ensure traceability and choose the final destination for their high-range bulk wines.

Wines with a Designation of Origin or a Protected Geographical Indication, vines with a varietal indication, generic wines intended for blends, sparkling wines, aromatized wines such as vermouth, brandy or even spirits were displayed at the WBWE and available for its attendees: every potential demand in a creative and risky market could be found in this fair.

Simultaneously with the beginning of Madrid’s Climate Summit, the WBWE has once again visualized the sector’s need for a commitment to a greener industry: something that clearly includes packaging at destination. This complex and much needed topic for discussion was at the core of the cycle of conferences that took place during these past two days and was entitled: The bulk wine challenge: environment, climate change and new business opportunities, with the participation of experts such as Pau Roca, OIV’s director general, Deborah Parker Wong, professor, Steve Daniel, buyer at Hallgarten Wines in the UK.

Another hot topic during the fair was the key role of alternative packaging methods, such as canned wine, bag-in-box, kegs, etc. This subject is very much linked to new consumers; and, with regard to this issue, the bulk wine sector is playing a leading role.

The WBWE organizers believe that business and trade have to be accompanied by debate and discussion on trends for the future; and subsequently, it should be pointed out the success of The Art of Blending Wine (the world’s sole seminar entirely devoted to this subject), which is held as part of the WBWE.

The synergies and discussions on the aforementioned topics allow professionals to take the best decisions and to find the best solutions regarding their daily issues both in laboratories and in vineyards.

Today, the 11th WBWE Amsterdam ended after crucial considerations that we should bear in mind and with a view to the WBWE Asia, which will be held on the 29th and 30th of May 2020 in Yantai (China): a not-to-be-missed event in order to understand the Asian market and, more importantly, to operate there in a cost-effective manner.

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