The 3rd edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition dedicates its lecture series to increasing the profitability of bulk wines

The 3rd edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition dedicates its lecture series to increasing the profitability of bulk wines

Increased trade, which has seen Spain sell more than ten million hectolitres this year in foreign markets, makes bulk wine a market with excellent future prospects, but with a real need for good practice policies to improve profitability. For this reason, the lecture series, which is endorsed by the OIV and will take place at the international bulk wine event, will be dedicated to Good oenological practices and the improvement of bulk wine quality.

The lecture series will be officially inaugurated by Barbara Iasello, a member of the OIV’s Statistics Committee, who will be explaining ”Recent changes in the international wine market with a special focus on bulk wine.”

For the first time, the international gathering of buyers and producers of bulk wine will feature a competition for producers of must and grape juice and a lecture given by Manuel Civera, the general secretary of Azumancha, who will be speaking about “New trends in the must and grape juice market”.

Rafael del Rey, the director of the prestigious Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), a body that has great knowledge of foreign markets, will be giving a lecture on “New trends in the global bulk wine market: current situation and future outlook”.

Alicia Martínez Rolland, a member of the Spanish Embassy’s Office of Promotion in the Netherlands, will talk about “Wine consumption in the Netherlands: future prospects for bulk wine”, and will be joined by Fernando Miranda, agricultural attaché to the embassy. Holland, as well as hosting the WBWE, has one of the most dynamic consumer markets in the world.

Also of great interest will be the technical lectures given by the university lecturer and researcher with extensive work in Italy, Antonio Piracci, who will be explaining hybrid yeasts and their use in the making of bulk wines, and Jean Luc Favarel, the research and development director of the French company Pera, who will be lecturing on ”The fractionation of must for optimising wines: working towards new levels of quality”. This lecture will also include a tasting of wines to which this technology has been applied.

A group of journalists of various nationalities will speak about the evolution of bulk wine in various countries. The panel discussion will feature Robert Amálric, the editor of the French publication Journée Vinicole; John Salvi, the British writer, journalist, unrepentant traveller, dealer and wine master; the South African journalist Petronella Salvi; and the writer of this piece.

As well as the activities sponsored by the OIV, there will be a technical lecture of the highest order on “The advantages of the acidification of musts and wines with lactic acid (Purac Vin)” by the agricultural engineer and oenologist, Antonio Moscoso, who is also the vice president of the Spanish Wine Tasters’ Union. The event will also include a practical tasting session on wines in which lactic acid has been used.

In short, a first class lecture programme that aims to serve as a complement to the intensive commercial activity anticipated in this edition, in which three times as many visitors as last year are expected to attend.

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The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is organised by the Spanish company Pomona Keepers. Soon to celebrate its third edition, on the 21 and 22 November at the RAI Elicium in Amsterdam, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has established itself as an exclusive space in which to discover and become acquainted with the best bulk wines from all over the world, soon after harvesting has finished.

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