The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition expects to receive more than 220 exhibitors and 6.000 visitors from around the world

The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition expects to receive more than 220 exhibitors and 6.000 visitors from around the world

Bulk wine market has grown by nearly five points since the year 2000, which represents 38.6% of global exports in 2015. Taking into account these figures, current productions and existing global stocks, the next World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be of strategic importance for the entire industry.

With almost all the exhibition space currently booked up, the 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition expects to host more than 220 exhibitors from around the world, expanding the last WBWE’s record of 66 participating countries.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the biggest event in the world in terms of business volume. After seven years of being a benchmark for the sector’s professionals, the 8th WBWE faces the challenge of continuing to offer the best space for those who attend with the main objective: TO DO BUSINESS



During 2015, bulk wine exports reached 39.49 million hectoliters, which represent 38.6% of worldwide sales, compared to 54.3% for bottled wine and 7.1% for sparkling wine. These percentages contrast with those obtained in the year 2000, which were: 20.40 million hectoliters of bulk wine (34%); 36.45 million hectoliters of bottled wine (60.8%), and 3.14 million hectoliters of sparkling wine, (5.2%). Global sales have shifted from 59.99 million hectoliters during 2000 to a current 102.43 million hectoliters, an increase of 71%.

Sales in value have also experienced significant changes moving from 13,704 to 28,333.5 million Euros, an increase of 107%, from 2000 to 2015. Bulk wine value amounts to 9.9% of total sales compared to 9% in 2000; bottled wine amounts to 71.8% compared to 74% 15 years ago and sparkling wine increased from 17% to 18.3%. 

The standard price of bulk wine increased by 16% on average moving from 0.61 Euros per liter in 2000 to 0.71 Euros in 2015. The price of bulk wine reached 0.81 Euros per liter in 2013 and decreased to 0.57 Euros in 2002. During those years, the price of sparkling wine dropped by 5%, going from 7.41 to 7.09 Euros per liter; and the increase in the value of bulk wine was approximately 1.1% per year compared to a 1.8% increase in bottled wine. However, in the case of bulk wine, which often acted as a commodity, this revaluation has not been constant, because fluctuations happen according to crop quantity and also depend on how plentiful the crops are

Bulk wine sales went from 38.18 to 39.49 million hectoliters from 2014 to 2015, an increase of almost 3.5%; and its price from 2725 to 2816.5 million Euros, a rise similar to the volume, while the average price remained at 0.71 Euros per liter. In 2014, bulk wine was near to 38% of overseas sales, while in 2015 it reached 38.6%. Sales of bottled wine increased only by 0.1%, from 55.78 to 55.63 million hectoliters, while sparkling wine grew by approximately 4.5%, from 6.99 to 7.31 million hectoliters.

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