The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will have a significant participation of usa importers

The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will have a significant participation of usa importers

In 2015, theUnited States purchased 277 million liters of bulk wine, amounting to 250 million dollars.  The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the 21st and 22nd of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI, where the United States will be a key player, through their major purchasers and brokers, in what is considered to be a commercially challenging year.

It appears that the United States will increase its purchasing volume due to a higher domestic demand of wine. It should also be acknowledged that the US market demands high quality wines with an important added value for producers.

Both the result of the Southern hemisphere’s harvests, and the Northern hemisphere’s stocks, are facts that make the 8th WBWE a strategic not-to-be-missed event for professionals of the global wine industry; because what is decided during the 21st and 22nd of November 2016 at the Amsterdam’s RAI will be crucial for the entire global market.


USA in figures:

The largest US purchases corresponded to Chile with 72 million liters, amounting to 48 million dollars, followed by Canada with 71 million liters for26.6 million dollars, Australia with 59 million liters for42.2 million dollars, Argentina with 37 million liters for31.7 million dollars, New Zealand, with 20.5 million liters for65.8 million dollars, Italy with 10.5 million liters for21.3 million dollars, Spain with 2.3 million liters amounting to2.6 million dollars, France with 1.8 million liters for 8.6 million dollars and South Africa with 1.6 million liters for 1.2 million dollars. All these countries, except Canada, will be take part in the World Bulk Wine Exhibition; and all of them will present prices higher than the world market prices; all except Canada, a neighboring country, which sells to the United States the most basic bulk wines.


WBWE 2016

The WBWE organizers are preparing the ground for the 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition. A trade fair that has been steadily growing not only in terms of the number of exhibitors but also in terms of international participation. In 2015, this exhibition, which assembles 85% of the global supply for bulk wine, brought together professionals from 66 different nationalities and more than 200 companies from 20 countries. These figures are expected to improve this year on the 21st and 22nd of November.

Over the last seven editions, the WBWE made the city of Amsterdam the world’s wine capital and the main meeting point for the wine industry’s key players. Wine-makers, purchasers and professionals attend with one objective: TO DO BUSINESS.


World Bulk Wine Exhibition