The Vine Research & Innovation, part of the great global gathering for the wine trade


The Vine Research & Innovation, part of the great global gathering for the wine trade

The Vine Research & Innovation, part of the great global gathering for the wine trade

The Vine is more conscious than ever of the importance of innovation and research in its fifth year running at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

The registration period for the Vine Science Award is now open for research projects focused on the use and reprocessing of vine by-products and waste.

The Vine is the specialized area, within the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, which promotes innovation and research in the wine industry in order to maximize the use of its resources and to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Vine will celebrate its fifth year running, coinciding with the WBWE’s 10th celebration, and it changes its name to: The Vine Research & Innovation.

This modification is warranted by the level of technology of its contents. Throughout this 5th year, The Vine aims to expand the range of possibilities, in addition to accommodating all companies related to the use and generation of vine and wine by-products, as well as the waste recovery, from fields as varied as nutrition, cosmetics or chemistry. In 2018, The Vine will host companies that, via innovation and technology, improve the techniques and processes of viticulture and enology, always with the objective of achieving a more sustainable industry: i.e. companies devoted to precision viticulture or circular economy, among others.

In pursuing this objective, it is fundamental to boost research and development and innovation. Therefore, through The Vine Science Award, The Vine will once again award €3,000 to the best research project concerning waste treatment and the obtainment or implementation of vine and wine by-products, alongside those projects that, without being directly related to waste or by-products from the vine, can be however practically implemented in practice in the aforementioned sector.

The latest research projects carried out by universities, research institutes, companies or institutions, both public and private, can be presented to The Vine Science Award. The rules for the Award are available on the following link:

Being part of The Vine Research & Innovation is a unique opportunity for companies from diverse sectors in whose products use derivatives, by-products and/or waste from the vine or winemaking, and for companies supplying services and technology to develop these kinds of activities and products, as well as for innovation projects whose goals are associated with this field.

Developed within part of the biggest event for the bulk wine business representing 75% of the world’s bulk wine producers, The Vine Research & Innovation also offers a great opportunity for international expansion for all those companies that contribute to assessing the by-products and waste of winegrowing and oenological activities with their products and services.


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is devoted to bulk wine producers and purchasers, wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, international chains, traders, media, etc.

Between 70% and 80% of the bulk wine exported across the world can be found at the WBWE, making this fair the place to be if you don’t want to miss out on a crucial momentum for your business and for producers’ future.

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