The Vine Science Award

The Vine is an area within the WBWE, conceived to encourage new businesses that evolve around wine and vine industries. Using every resource, and expanding every possibility, such an initiative shows the great potential that can be developed in the sector.

But in order to do so, we consider it essential to foster Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I).

Therefore, since 2014, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition organizes the International Scientific Poster Competition (The Vine Science Award), bringing attention to all relevant research related to obtaining and applying wine and vine by-products, as well as ways of converting waste. Research projects, which are not directly linked to the vine residues or byproducts, but that can be applied to the wine sector, are also able to participate in The Vine Science Award.

A unique opportunity to publicize your research

Previous editions awards

After careful assessment and deliberation of the participating research projects, the jury decided to award the price “The Vine Science Award 2017” to the research study: "Low-salt recipes seasoned with GRAPE-DERIVED EXTRACTS may prevent from hypertension and glycaemia" developed by the Research Institute of Food Science and Bodegas Matarromera, based on its originality and ground-breaking nature.

10 Reasons to participate

The best research, which stands out for its originality, innovation capacity and relevance to the sector, will be awarded a prize of 3,000 €.

To present your research and your findings to thousands of attendees from all over the world.

After eight years running, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is positioned as a key event for the wine industry. During its latest year, in 2017, the fair gathered 220 exhibitors and 6,000 professional visitors from across the world.

To have a place to publicize

far beyond the scientific field and in an area such as THE VINE, that is exclusively devoted to commercial activities that enable a more sustainable and profitable vine sector.

To foster technological transmission

Worldwide producers will attend the WBWE and they could make use of your findings in their companies. A very specific group of people, with whom you can establish contacts directly throughout two days and in a single place.

To promote wine and vine by-products.

The wine industry has great business potential, which should be spread. Improvements and innovations set the roadmap, as well as new market trends.

To encourage the circular economy in the wine industry..

In this field, Resulting improvements provide cost savings, profitability, sustainability, as well as respect for the environment. A series of businesses whose products and services boost the sector and create synergies with other sectors as diverse as the food sector, cosmetics, nutraceutical companies, the pharmaceutical industry or the energy industry.

To ensure the continuity of winegrowing soils.

The more profits obtained from wine and vine by-products and waste, the bigger the business network related to them would be.

To bank on a sustainable use of resources.

Both for economic and social reasons, producers are increasingly aware of the need to optimize resources, as well as the treatment and the exploitation of generated waste, while respecting the environment.

To promote the use of products of plant origin and renewable ones.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the use of products obtained from renewable sources. Thus, these products should be as natural as possible, because that is what the final client demands; whether these products are used as fertilizers or consumed as pharmaceutical products.

To show the wide versatility of vine and wine.

The latest research has boosted new business activities as a consequence of being able to generate by-products of wine and vine for industries as diverse as health and beauty or energy.

To contribute to improving the image of the wine industry,

through a project such as The Vine that boosts the application of more sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques, in order to achieve the sector’s maximum profit, promoting circular economy.

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The sponsorship of the WBWE provides a unique occasion to enhance your visibility within the bulk wine industry. The WBWE offers a limited number of potential sponsorships for companies of importance in the bulk wine sector. If you are interested in learning about the different possibilities to participate as an WBWE’s sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The organizing company of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the “World Bulk Wine Exhibition Ltd.”, which the majority shareholding is Comexposium, as well as the founding company of the event: Pomona Keepers Ltd. comprised of Enopasion.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition was born from its partners’ common concern and interest in wine commercialization on a global scale, the vineyard’s maintenance in present territories, defense of rural development and environmental protection.