The WBWE is happy to announce the call-for-papers for The Vine Science Award, <br /> the 3rd International Scientific Poster Competition

The WBWE is happy to announce the call-for-papers for The Vine Science Award,
the 3rd International Scientific Poster Competition

The Vine is an area within the WBWE, conceived to encourage new businesses that evolve around wine and vine industries. Using every resource, and expanding every possibility, such an initiative shows the great potential that can be developed in the sector.

But in order to do so, we consider it essential to foster Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I). Therefore, since 2014, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition organizes the International Scientific Poster Competition (The Vine Science Award), bringing attention to all relevant research related to obtaining and applying wine and vine by-products, as well as ways of converting waste.

Any recent research carried out by universities, research centers, companies and public or private institutions can be submitted to The Vine Science Award. Abstracts should be send to by the 16th October 2016. The best poster project, among all those admitted and exhibited during the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, will be awarded with a prize valued at €3.000, based on its originality and ground-breaking nature.

The Vine Science Award is a great opportunity for researchers to exhibit their latest findings on wine and vine by-products and waste, within the context of an international event that gathered nearly 6.000 visitors from all over the world. Thus, this is a platform to foster the technological transmission of many research findings, which are the future of the new businesses within the sector.



1.                  To present your research and your findings to thousands of attendees from all over the world.

2.                  To have a place to publicize far beyond the scientific field.

3.                  To foster technological transmission.

4.                  To promote wine and vine by-products.

5.                  To encourage vine-related business.

6.                  To ensure the continuity of winegrowing soils.

7.                  To bank on a sustainable use of resources.

8.                  To promote the use of products of plant origin and renewable ones.

9.                  To show the wide versatility of vine and wine.

10.              And, to have the opportunity to obtain an award granted by the WBWE.



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‘The Vine’ awards research into potential applications of grape seeds to reduce tooth decay:


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