The WBWE organizers are preparing the ground for the 6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition on the coming 24th and 25th of November

The WBWE organizers are preparing the ground for the 6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition on the coming 24th and 25th of November

The international meeting during which the largest wine quantities worldwide will transit will be held once again at the Amsterdam’s RAI

The previous edition was a significant turning point for the WBWE, with the participation of 175 wineries from 16 different countries, a figure that it is expected to increase this year, both in terms of traditionally producing countries and new producers.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the annual meeting awaited for by all the professionals of the sector, who can find in a single space and over two days a comprehensive display of all the different wines, qualities and harvests worldwide. During the last WBWE, purchasers and visitors from 71 different countries visited this fair, being the only one in the world where it is possible to have access to a volume of approximately 30 million hectoliters.

The 6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will seek to increase this offer even more, as well as the number of producing companies and professional visitors. The 6th WBWE will pay particular attention to the new trends on the global market, the importance of new technologies and the growing quality of the international bulk wine offer.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is organizing its coming edition while the 2013 harvest has increased and observing forecasts for this year’s harvest. The increase in the 2013 harvest is due –among other factors– to Spain’s huge increase in harvest, the moderate productivity of the Italian harvest and, to a lesser extent, to the French one.

Once again this year, the 6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be the meeting point and a guarantee of success for international professionals, who will attend the event with one goal in mind: TO CARRY OUT BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS.


This will be the title of the WBWE renowned program of conferences, devoted to reflection and debate.


We are organizing the next bulk wine competition with particular care, whose importance and role on the international scene is ever increasing. By evaluating and assessing this branch of the wine sector, this is a unique competition in the world.

The International Bulk Wine Competition aims to be one more tool in the battle for the recognition and commercialization of wines of large volumes, whose quality is gradually being more appreciated, partly thanks to the investment of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition. Wines from all over the world can take part in the Competition, if they are produced in a minimum quantity of 10.000 liters.

During last year’s competition, the fantastic winner awarded a Grand Gold Medal, was the Cabernet Sauvignon Plus 2013 produced by Agrícola y Comercial Bodega Las Mercedes Ltd. from Chile.

Further information about the competition: CLICK HERE.

The 6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition is already in progress and there are lots of exciting new features that will be revealed over the next few months. For example: the winner of this edition’s Voice of Wine award, the delicious surprises of our chef Kike Piñeiro at the Cooking Showroom Area or the news from the International Bulk Wine Society…

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“We are a Chilean producer with more than seven millions capacity per year and came here the first time to test the market. Our participation in WBWE 2013 was a full success. We are happy about very promising new contacts with buyers from Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, France, Spain, Japan and China. We will surely be back in 2014.”

Carlos Torres S., Viñedos Puertas (Chile)

"With more than 2.300 hectares of own vineyards in one piece we are No. 1 in Europe. Now we want to show the world that Montenegro is able to produce good quality for good prices. Our authoctone varietals like Vranac show a lot of character. Buyers from countries like England, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Ukraine and the Netherlands were quite fond of that. Our first participation in WBWE was absolutely successful."

Nikola Perovič ,Plantaže Podgorica (Montenegro)

“We wanted to show that the bulk wine sector has also a top end – and that a producer with 35 million liters production per year can handle the quality issue without any problems. More than 20 very interesting new contacts from all around the world show us that we are on the right way. WBWE is a very good exhibition, exactly the right place to go."

Tony Stephen, Scheid Vineyards (California /USA)

“Excellent results for us at WBWE 2013. We were here for the third time and the exhibition is getting better every year. Most buyers came from countries like Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia and France – but we even had people from Algeria, Japan and Bulgaria at the booth. However, we sent out a lot of invitations to our contacts from the last years. It’s not sufficient just to go to an exhibition and wait for costumers.”

Anneli Karsten, Lutzville Cape Diamond Wines (South Africa)

“For us it was the second participation – and it was very successful. But we did a lot to prepare that success with personal invitations and a stronger presence at the show with three people instead of one, as last year. Many meeting with buyers from Sweden, Germany, England, China or Japan were scheduled before. I have the feeling that our quality at reasonable prices is convincing the market.”

Jorge E. Balduzzi, Balduzzi Wines (Chile)

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