The WBWE presents: <br /> “Consumer habits in Central Africa”, by Claude Valère Djinang, technical manager at Sofavinc, in Cameroon

The WBWE presents:
“Consumer habits in Central Africa”, by Claude Valère Djinang, technical manager at Sofavinc, in Cameroon


SOFAVINC (Winemaking group from Cameroon) is a production and distribution company of wine, fruit nectars and spirits operating since 1993 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Its objective is to introduce into the market a high quality range of products, suited to the needs and expectations of consumers and their purchasing power.


The 9th World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) will be held on the 20th and 21st of November 2017 at the Amsterdam’s RAI


Claude Valère Djinang, technical manager of the renowned winemaking company, Sofavinc, from Cameroon, will take part in the upcoming WBWE giving a keynote speech titled "Consumer habits in Central Africa". For all the attendees, it will be an exceptional opportunity to discover in-depth the African wine world and to discuss, with one of its top representatives, about future trends and business opportunities.

Here we offer a preview with some comments by Claude Valère Djinang, who will attend the World Bulk Wine Exhibition on the coming 20th and 21st of November in Amsterdam.



“It is the first time I’ll be taking part and I would like to establish contacts with different bulk wine suppliers and finally. I will also explain the wine consumption habits in Central Africa to the participants.

Since the main limitation to bulk wine importation in Africa is a question of prices, we would like to meet participants who propose good quality bulk wines at competitive prices. 



In Central Africa, the wine industry has a promising future because it is continuously growing. This perception is based on the number of factories that are being built in the region of central Africa and also on the growing demography.

The stigmatization encompassing bulk wines has considerably decreased over the past decade.

The company I work for has increased the quantity of bulk wine for some years now. This is due to the fact that when consumers are not satisfied with locally produced wines, they become increasingly demanding with regards to wine quality, and they tend to fall back on wines imported from Europe, which very often are of good quality for the middle classes.



Wine development in my country faces mainly two great challenges:

– Reduction of cost price with the aim to extend our access to a broader number of consumers.

– To attract an increasing number of consumers not only by means of competitive prices, but also by providing incentives to change their consumption habits, because those aged 21 years are more eager to consume beer. It should me mentioned that these habits are progressively changing, although very slowly.  

In the case of central Africa, the most promising markets for bulk wine importation in order of importance are: Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Chad.




The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the world’s most important fair in terms of business volume, gathering 85% of the global bulk wine supply. A business forum aimed towards the wine industry’s international purchasers and distributors, who meet every year in Amsterdam. The WBWE is a unique space in which the bulk wine’s great quality and diversity is shown to the major international importers.

The 9th WBWE will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2017 at the Amsterdam’s RAI: an exclusive space where, during the last eight years, the main producers and purchasers from all over the world have gathered for the most intense business days of the year.

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