“The Wine & food experience”: the gastronomic proposal by the <br /> 2016 WBWE Gourmet Area

“The Wine & food experience”: the gastronomic proposal by the
2016 WBWE Gourmet Area

For the fourth consecutive year, Kike Piñeiro, chef and co-owner of the restaurant A Horta d’Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), pays homage to wine. This time, he will do so using a format as attractive as well-known: cocktails. Named “Wine & food experience”, this proposal comprises five different wine blends, which will make a tongue-in-cheek reference to various periods and countries, combining some symbolic culinary creations and also the chef’s own creations. Each cocktail will be accompanied by a little appetizer in order to complement the tasting session:



Wine&soda and the sea bite 




To begin, a refreshing and simple sip: wine and soda, served with an Atlantic appetizer. 




Verjuice cocktail (by Paolo) and pickled bivalves 




Once your appetite is wetted and your taste buds are excited, a fish in vinaigrette will couple a cocktail elaborated with verjuice, an acidic juice obtained from pressing unripe grapes. Very appreciated in Europe, particularly in the Middle Ages, the verjuice is here recaptured, thanks to its recent revival as a soft-drink and as a seasoning in Australia. 



Macerated wine and meat cannelloni 




The third preparation will be the chef’s own creation with macerated wine demonstrating that wine can also be cooked without using a stove. The meat cannelloni will be the counterbalance to this “cooked” wine.



Sangria and fruits




As a tribute to the chef’s country and also because it is probably one of the most internationally recognized wine cocktails, the fourth drink will be a sangria, whose macerated fruits will work as a dessert.



The elixir 



To conclude this tasting trip, an elixir based on an ancient and medicinal recipe will be served: an aromatized wine in order to properly digest the oenological experience. 


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