The World Bulk Wine Exhibition closed its most international edition to date, with 300 companies from 22 different countries

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition closed its most international edition to date, with 300 companies from 22 different countries

During two days, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition brought together the largest offer of bulk wine worldwide. The 8th WBWE was of strategic importance for this sector, which transacts more than 3.500 million Euros per year.

Approximately 300 companies from countries as diverse as Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States presented their wines to more than 6.000 visitors, from 66 different nationalities, who attended the fair with a common main objective: TO DO BUSINESS.

Thus, Amsterdam has become the great capital of wine trade, which has for the last eight years hosted the most predominant producers worldwide, as well as agents, intermediaries and importers from all over the world.


Testimonies of some of the key players at the WBWE:

"The World Bulk Wine Exhibition, now in its eighth year, remains the most important bulk wine exhibition in the world with the leading players in the global bulk wine market sharing information, conducting business, networking and of course looking at the samples of top producers around the world. As a jury member in the World Bulk Wine Competition, I was very pleased to see a very high quality in the wines entered in the event and was impressed by both the organisation of the show and the professionalism and industry knowledge of my fellow judges."

Dave Brookes. Main consultant at Wine Marketing Labs. Australia


“Our winery is located in California and this is my first time at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition; it was a great opportunity to get in contact and deal with a lot of partners, importers and producers, to taste a wide variety of different wines and to discuss face-to-face with professionals from all over the world, which is the best way to close important negotiations”.

Steve Fredicks. Turrentine brokerage. USA


“I am pleasantly surprised with the turnout, the visitors and the results achieved. We have attended the fair with two types of wine, bulk and fractionated; and, in both cases, we have ensured excellent contacts and good business prospects”.

Oscar Biondolillo. Aguma Casa Vinicola. Argentina.


 “We work with organic and fruity wine, mainly addressed to the North of Europe and Russia, and for us this fair is very interesting; we will continue to participate because we obtain good results.”

Andrea Braconi. Braconi. Italy.


“Everyone at the bulk wine industry is present at this fair: producers from 22 countries and visitors from 66 nationalities, which means that this is a not-to-be-missed event for anybody who would like to do business in this sector, because here we can find every kind of product within the bulk wine market.

Luis Jiménez. Consulting oenologist. Spain


“Moldavian wines are very well accepted at this fair for their quality and, above all, for their diversity: they present a very wide range and there is also a lot of muscatel. Moldavian wineries are highly prepared but, after the Russian embargo, they encountered a great problem and they had to seek other markets such as America and Asia, and that is why this fair is so important and positive for them.”

Amancio Calcerrada. Representative for Moldavian wineries.


“This is the first time that I have attended this fair and I have to confess that I am very surprised by its size and its strong potential. I believe that there is a high potential for the future thanks to producers from regions such as Moldavia, Armenia or the Balkans. The opportunities are enormous in these markets, both in exportation and importation. I am certain that this fair will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come.”


Marinela Vasilica Ardelean, director of the Romanian Wine Festival and author of the Wine Guide of Romania and Moldova.

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