The most important year in the history of the WBWE is about to begin, with an increase of 15% in participation and 20% more exhibition space. Diversity is one of our mottos and we are proud to welcome, year after year, new wine producing countries who want to demonstrate the quality of their wines and who make this a rich gathering, full of variety and business opportunities.

Protecting quality is also one of our mottos, and a commitment that is shared by the almost 200 companies from 20 countries which are taking part this year: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, France, Greece, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Malaysia, Moldavia, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and the United States.

These countries focus more than 85% of the global supply for bulk export. A percentage that will undoubtedly be appreciated by the 6000 visitors who we are looking forward to be welcomed for two days of intense activity.

This is a wine trade fair and we can’t afford to neglect areas as important as debates, talks and tasting sessions. The WBWE is also about all these things:



“New wine scenes: Changes in habits, marketing and commercial strategies”

*Check the program on the website:



*Check the program on the website:


VOICE OF WINE – The Coop Languedoc Roussillon

The Coop Languedoc Roussillon is the winner of this year’s Voice of Wine award, a tribute to the continuing effort in promotion carried out by the Languedoc Roussillon region in France and abroad. By delivering the 2015 Voice of Wine award we want to praise the quality and diversity of these wines, produced with the utmost respect for the wine tradition typically associated with this emblematic region of the South of France.

Languedoc Roussillon is the first wine region in France, with 230.000 hectares and 12,4 million hectoliters of production in 2014 , 75% of which are sold in bulk.

The Coop Languedoc Roussillon represents all the wine producers from the area and deals with regional, national and European entities by implementing awareness and support actions with regards to the following:

-Development in the face of climate or environmental change.

-Economic development strategies, enhancement of wine quality, legal advice, training, employment and land management.

-Supporting different cooperatives in their organization, cost effectiveness, and communication as well as in promotion, exports and consultancy.

Voice of Wine is an award created by the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in order to recognize and praise the work carried out by people and groups who defend wine and its values and who fight for this sector which is so important economically, culturally and socially.

The 5th “Voice of Wine Prize” will be presented during the opening ceremony of the conferences.



The International Bulk Wine Competition was conceived to guarantee transparency and a better knowledge of the quality of bulk wines. The International Bulk Wine Competition aims to be one more tool in the battle for the recognition and commercialization of wines of large volumes, whose quality is gradually being more appreciated, partly thanks to the investment of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition. Every year the International Bulk Wine Competition has a prestigious panel of international tasters. In this year’s edition, professionals from 14 countries will be in charge of tasting more than 100 wine samples arriving from all over the world to take part in this competition.



•       Isabel Mijares García-Pelayo, Founder and director of the company Equipo T.E.A.M. and vice-president of FIJEV (Spain).

•       Ania Smolec, Journalist for Vitis Magazine (Chile).

•       Klaus Hermann, Director of the magazine Wein Markt (Germany).

•       Nicola Tucci, Adviser and oenologist at several wineries in Italy, Spain and Australia (Italy).

•       Jerome Barret, Oenologist working on the Champagne region and adviser for JWines (France).

•       Wu Yunhzhou, Editor-in-chief of Wine Medium (China).

•       Raquel Pardo Zamora, Journalist for Sobremesa and RNE (Spain).

•       John Salvi, Master of Wine, Journalist and writer (United Kingdom).

•       Elona Hesseling, Journalist for WineLand Magazine (South Africa).

•       Andrew Oliver, Journalist for The Drink Business (United Kingdom).

•       Subbash Arora, President of the Indian Wine Academy (India).

•       Jean Cristophe Simon, Oenologist at the Languedoc-Rousillon region (France).

•       Esperanza Mendiola, Writer and wine importer (Mexico).

•       Paul Robert Blom, Wine importer (The Netherlands).

•       Réal Wolfe, Director of the wine division at Univins (Canada).

•       Natalia Posadas Dickson, Wine purchaser for Perfect Cellar (United Kingdom).

•       Marc Dressler, University Professor in Neustad Weinstrasse (Germany).

•       Zoraida Lobato, Journalist for Vinho Magazine, (Brazil).

•       Mi Yeun Hong, Correspondent in Italy for the lifestyle magazine Cookland (South Korea).



Proposing a workshop with culinary creations inspired by the wine regions of the participating countries, the Cooking Showroom Area is one of the main centers of attention for attendees, where the Galician chef Francisco Piñeiro and his team, let their imagination run wild.



One of the fair’s key areas where buyers can taste bulk wine selected by the participating wineries. Each wine will bear an identifying label displaying the most relevant information. The best opportunity to taste, with freedom and autonomy, the widest range of wines of the entire world.



The goal was to foster synergies among all the businesses that revolve around the vine and the wine; by creating a meeting point where the wine sector could make the most of all the resources and technologies at its disposal, allowing the vine sector to reach its full potential in terms of profit.

In 2015, The Vine. All about the vine except wine will once again offer a place where food and beauty companies can develop their products and activities, alongside companies from other sectors, as well as technology and service supplier’s companies, whose products are derived from, byproducts, sub-products and/or residues from the vine or the vinification.

Alongside other companies and products, this year, in its second edition, several companies will participate in The Vine such as CLAMBER Project, Acetificio de Nigris, Alvinesa, Hnos.Delgado, Vodka, Uvas frescas, Todo Brasa, Restaurante Rodi, Mermeladas Elasún and Vocarraje.



The World Bulk Wine Exhibition has organized the 2nd International Scientific Poster Competition, bringing attention to all relevant research related to obtaining wine and vine by-products, as well as ways of converting waste. The best poster, among all those admitted and exhibited, will be awarded with a prize valued at €3.000, based on its originality and ground-breaking nature.



The 20 exhibiting countries represent more than 85% of the international offer for this wine sector, which continues to grow in quality and quantity every year. The WBWE displays an ample range of bulk and bag-in-box wines, from appellation wines with a protected geographical indication to those with a varietal appellation, as well as generic wines intended for either mixing, or making sparkling wine or flavored wine such as vermouth. This diverse offer and the potential for multiple sales contracts, as well as origin to destination packaging agreements, make this international gathering a very exclusive one indeed.

The greatest commitment of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is to ensure that all exhibitors taking part with their different high-quality bulk wines can enjoy the best international showcase for their products. This is possible thanks to a great job attracting buyers from all over the world. The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is a key strategic event not only due to the timing, the location, or the summoning power it has, but also because of its 360-degree view on the bulk wine business.

World Bulk Wine Exhibition