The world wine market stands for quality bulk wine

The world wine market stands for quality bulk wine

The trend is changing in the world bulk wine market which is seeking higher quality products. Major international purchasers no longer demand bulk wines lacking in character; in fact, a growing number of wineries are seeking to produce wines tailored to different purposes, preferences and markets. Bulk wine has become the perfect ally for producers and large department stores that look for a specific product profile intended for consumers who are increasingly more conscious of what they drink. These wineries –the ones that produce wines of great diversity with a common denominator: their quality– have been defining the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, since its creation, as the great professional meeting point for wine commercialization.

For example, during 2015, in the Spanish market, 13.9 million hectoliters were transacted amounting to 504 million Euros, at an average of €0.36 per liter, of which 17% (2.4 million hectoliters) was marketed as a category which qualified them as being of “quality”, representing an income of 122 million Euros, that is to say: nearly 25% of the total revenue. Wines possessing a variety denomination were priced at €0.39, wine with PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) at €0.36 and bulk wine with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) at €1.1O.

Countries that have made a deliberate choice for quality bulk wine and for their sales’ selection have obtained the following prices: New Zealand: €2.47 per liter, France: €1.36 per liter, Germany: €1.27 and United States: €1.16



WBWE 2016

The WBWE organizers are preparing the ground for the 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition. A trade fair that has been steadily growing not only in terms of the number of exhibitors but also in terms of international participation. In 2015, this exhibition, which assembles 85% of the global supply for bulk wine, brought together professionals from 66 different nationalities and more than 200 companies from 20 countries. These figures are expected to improve this year on the 21st and 22nd of November.

Over the last seven editions, the WBWE made the city of Amsterdam the world’s wine capital and the main meeting point for the wine industry’s key players. Wine-makers, purchasers and professionals attend with one objective: TO DO BUSINESS.

World Bulk Wine Exhibition