WBWE PRESENTS: Surunite International Trade Shanghai

WBWE PRESENTS: Surunite International Trade Shanghai

The 8th International Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the coming 21st and 22nd of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI




“Right now, the Chinese wine market is more active, mature and wine has entered the daily life of the consumers. The prices for wine tend to be more rational, leading to a larger and stable demand from consumers side. The demand for medium and entry level wine will increase, but to rely on the domestic bulk wine production as only source is not enough. We need different styles of wine for the huge Chinese market. As the market gradually matures, clients demand more and more quality bulk wine. For this, we need more transparence on the market and places like the WBWE to trade and communicate about it.  

For the bulk wine market, we predict a bright future”.



“The Chinese wine market is on the growth, with bottled wine always a step ahead of other options, but bulk wine has a good price advantage and allows flexibility, as it can be provided for different brands. We want to establish a strong cooperation with bulk wine producers to give our domestic distributors the best quality and to assist them to create strong brands, as the market environment is getting more stable. We believe this will bring a better development for bulk wine on the Chinese market”.




We believe that the quality bulk wine will be the final winner but, due to taste and price, Chilean and Spanish wines are currently highly demanded on the Chinese market. 




“Our objective is to provide a professional platform for those bulk wine producers aiming to explore and develop the Chinese market. We offer to be the communication bridge to connect the foreign bulk wine producers with domestic buyers and to achieve strategic cooperation. We are looking for bulk wine producers interested in cooperation to explore and share the Chinese market”.



WBWE 2016


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition faces its 8th edition with the entire exhibition space complete. 


More than 220 producing companies from 23 different nationalities will attend this unique event with the aim of presenting the largest diversity with the best quality/price in the global market. These regions focus more than 85% of the global supply for bulk export.


More than 6.000 visitors from 66 different countries are expected. 


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the biggest international gathering for bulk wine; a meeting point, where wine professionals will be able to discover in one single space and over two days the biggest market offer regarding variety of origin, qualities and prices.


And all of this with a main objective: TO DO BUSINESS. 



World Bulk Wine Exhibition