Why should your wines participate in the International Bulk Wine Competition (IBWC)?


Why should your wines participate in the International Bulk Wine Competition (IBWC)?

Amsterdam’s WBWE will host the sole international competition that awards the best bulk wines worldwide.

Ensure the differentiation that your bulk wines require in order to achieve the best prices and business opportunities.

Stand out during the course of the fair by positioning your awarded wines as the best in the market.


  • Submission of contact information of those wineries that are awarded with a Grand Gold medal to all the purchasers attending the fair. This transmission will be made on the first day of the fair in order to maximize the business opportunities that the award can generate.


  • Exclusive place for the awarded wines within the fair: your wines will be displayed in a prominent space in order to promote the competition throughout the WBWE.


  • Increasing the prestige of your bulk wines before importers, distributors and media from across the world, starting with the WBWE.


  • Enhancing the business possibilities of your wines for private labels and quality blends that importers and businessmen come to find at the WBWE.


  • Improving the trust in and the credibility of the sector regarding your wines.


  • Benefiting from the promotion carried out by the WBWE via its social networks and newsletters issued throughout the whole year. The fair commits to disseminating information on the awarded wines to all its contacts several times a year.


  • Winners of a Grand Gold medal can send a sample for free for the following competition.


Expert tasters from across the world will once again be surprised by the quality of the bulk wines that can be found at this trade fair.

Ideal bulk wines for blends and bulk wines bottled in destination for private labels that seek to differentiate themselves via alternative packaging and new products that capture new consumers.

The International Bulk Wine Competition will be held on December 1st 2019, one day prior to the launching of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition at the Amsterdam’s RAI.

The International Bulk Wine Competition is the only Competition worldwide that encourages the promotion, transparency, quality and prestige of fantastic bulk wines produced all over the globe.

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