YANTAI – 30th & 31st of May 2019


An unprecedent encounter in order to connect international wineries with companies from china and across asia and also to boost a constantly growing industry.


For years the organizers of the WBWE have been working in order to set up this unprecedented event, intended both for those international wineries interested in improving their position in China —which is increasingly relevant in the world trade— and for local and domestic companies.

Face-to-face meetings among producers and importers, talks and keynote lectures oriented towards understanding the Chinese market and learning how to dominate it, key points to in order to enhance the business possibilities carried out by the country’s experts, and sessions focused on revealing the required rules and limitations for brands and Designations of Origin and keys to market success, are just some of the opportunities that the World Bulk Wine Exhibition Yantai will provide to the professionals attending this groundbreaking meeting in China’s City of Wine.


World bulk wine exhibition China aims to become the commercial meeting point among international producers and importers from china and across asia who need to satisfy the increasingly huge demand for wine from chinese consumers.

Where and Why?

Yantai (Shandong)

Known as China’s City of Wine and the country’s most important port of entry for bulk wine, will host the next trade fair organized by the World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

China is the fifth wine importer worldwide and has the potential to become the top global bulk wine operator.

82% of the bulk wine that enters China each year does so via the province of Shandong and 96% via the port of Yantai, according to Chinese government figures. This fact turns this city into the most important city of China for the bulk wine sector.

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Estimated average price per winery (per unit product) 4800 €