World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2014 is ready to start

World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2014 is ready to start


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition organizers welcome you to the sixth edition of this event, which was created for all of you: producers, importers and professionals of the bulk wine sector! This sector has gathered all of us here today, so that we can get –over the next two days– a complete and global vision of the world bulk wine situation.


We are glad to announce, both to regular attendees and new participants, the increase of the exhibition space to up to 6.000m2. Such an increase has allowed us to welcome new producing wineries, whose participation will widen even more the diversity of the wines presented. Over these two days, we hope to receive more than 5.000 attendees from all over the world in an exclusive setting, and they will be able to discover new regions, varieties and ways of producing bulk wines from more than 200 exhibitors from 18 countries, which will participate in the 6th WBWE: France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Moldavia, Australia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Austria, Ukraine, New Zealand, Germany, Rumania, United States, Georgia and Hungary.

The WBWE is starting and we advise you to make the most of these intensive days! We are the exhibition of the wine industry and we cannot overlook features as important and distinctive such as the Cycle of conferences, the Silent Tasting Room, the International Bulk Wine Competition, the Voice of Wine, the Cooking Showroom, etc…

This year, we will be presenting a significant novelty that we are sure will be a great success among a lot of attendees. We are talking about The Vine! The Vine is a business platform and it is also one more tool for professionals of the bulk wine sector, in order to turn these two days into the greatest commercial opportunity of the year.

Everything is ready to launch the great wine trade fair; however, none of this would be possible without all of you! We thank you for coming and wish you all good luck with future business!


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CONFERENCE CYCLE: “Wine trends and new consumer countries’ preferences”


24th November 2014

2:00 p.m. Official Launching of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition Program of Conferences by Yann Juban, assistant to the Director General of the International International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), who will present an analysis of the “International wine market in 2013, with an emphasis on bulk wine”.

On the occasion of the official launching, this year’s 4th “Voice of Wine Prize” will be awarded to Wines of South Africa (WoSa).

2:45 p.m. “Consumption trends in China” by He Nong (aka Renaud), journalist specialized in wine and permanent correspondent in Europe for the newspaper Guangming Ribao.

3:15 p.m. “New scenarios for bulk wine: challenges and new markets” by Rafael del Rey, director of the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMv).

4:00 p.m. “Wine consumption trends in India” by Subhash Arora, journalist specialized in wine, president of Indian Wine Academy and director of the online newspaper Indian Wine Academy.

4:30 p.m. “Consumption trends in the South African wine market” by Edo Heyns, managing editor of WineLand Magazine (South Africa).

5:00 p.m. Tasting‐conference “Principal grape varieties and the types of wine that consumers from emerging countries want”, by Jean Luc Favarel, Research and Development Director of the Péra‐Pellenc Group.

25th November 2014

10:45 a.m. “Products derived from grapes and vine” by Prof. Miguel Palma, chair of analytical chemistry at the University of Cadiz (Spain).

11:30 a.m. A tasting‐conference supported by Lallemand corporation: “The aromas of wine, their flaws and how to correct them in order to satisfy the consumer” by Dr. Antonio Palacios, CEO of Excell Iberica Lab. Ltd., doctor in biology and professor of enology and wine tasting at the University of La Rioja.

12:30 p.m. “The wine market in Hungary” by Zsófia Bozzai, editor‐in‐chief of Bor és Piac, wine magazine from Budapest.

1:00 p.m. “The wine market in Moldova” by Vitalie Panuta, subdirector of “Wine of Moldova”.

1:30 p.m. “Reducing the alcoholic content in wine to open up new markets”, by Werner Engelbrecht, ManagingDirector of the company ConeTech South Africa.



The International Bulk Wine competition has been created to guarantee transparency and a better knowledge of the quality of wines of large volumes, with the aim of promoting a section of wines that represent nearly 40% of the annual international market, as well as bringing to light its virtues among consumers and international distributors, dignifying its consumption and rewarding the efforts of its makers.

The International Bulk Wine Competition aims to be one more tool in the battle for the recognition and commercialization of wines of large volumes, whose quality is gradually being more appreciated, partly thanks to the investment of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

The panel of wine-tasters who will be in charge of evaluating the wines that will participate in the 2014 Competition is composed of renowned and prestigious professionals from 10 different countries:

Subhash Arora (India). Founder and president of the Indian Wine Academy.  Writer, journalist, international wine-taster, advisor, educator and developer of wine club.   

Edo Heyns (South Africa). Managing editor of WineLand Magazine. The big thinker of the WineLand bunch, Mister Heyns is in charge of the strategic direction for both the publishing house and VinPro communication.

He Nong (China). Journalist specialized in the wine industry and permanent correspondent in Europe for the newspaper Guangming Ribao.

Zsófia Bózzai (Hungary). Editor-in-chief of Bor és Piac, a wine magazine from Budapest.

John Salvi (United Kingdom). Master of Wine, with 40 years of experience related to Bordeaux wines.

Petronella Salvi (South Africa).Wine journalist and international wine-taster.

Mi Yeun Hong (South Korea). Correspondent in Italy for the Korean magazine Cookland.

Fabien Raboutet, oenologist at Barton&Guestier

Jean-Christophe Simon, oenologist at JCS International

Charlotte Van Zummeren, member of the FIJEV’s board of directors

Natalia Posadas-Dickson (United Kingdom). Commercial buyer at Enotria Winecellars Ltd<> .

Simon Cairns (United Kingdom). Wine category trading manager at the Co-operative group.

Rosandro Pires Monteiro (Cape Verde). Oenologist.

Nicola Tucci (Italy). Oenologist.

Paul Robert Bloom (The Netherlands). Broker of wine and spirits and Professor Honoris Causa in vine-growing.

Isabel Mijares (Spain). Oenologist and founder of the company Equipo T.E.A.M. Ltd.

Christophe Desplas (Chile). Commercial Attaché of Chile in The Netherlands and Director of ProChile (Export Promotion Bureau) in The Hague.


One of the fair’s key areaswhere buyers can taste bulk wine selected by the participating wineries.Each wine will bear an identifying label displaying the most relevant information.

This edition, the organization hopes to present almost 600 different wine references to the professional attendees. The best opportunity to taste, with freedom and autonomy, the widest range of wines of the entire world.



Wines of South Africa (WOSA) will be the highlight of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition after being awarded the 2014 Voice of Wine prize. With this prize, the WBWE will reward the efforts made to promote South African wine abroad, as well as the improvements on image, like the bag-in-box packaging.

WOSA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the large-scale success of the wine sector in this area by creating the brand “South Africa”, and also to widen the respect for this country as a producer of exciting wines with a superb quality-price ratio.

Voice of Wineis a prize created by the World Bulk Wine Exhibition which acknowledges and rewards the work of groups or people, who defend the values of wine and the social, cultural and economic aspects of the sector.



The best professionals continue to be in charge of the gourmet area, which is one of the main points of interest of the trade fair, and where a tasting workshop with gourmet creations inspired by the wine regions of the participating countries will be presented.The chef in charge of this area is Galician chef Kike Piñeiro, who will be accompanied by his usual partner Mark Wernink.

While during the previous edition, gourmet creations such as the truffle foie bites with bean sprouts and sweet wine reduction (France) and the kangaroo with pistachios and quince sauce (New Zealand) were enjoyed; this year, the chef Kike Piñeiro and his team will take their gastro-enological creativity one step further by presenting a culinary proposal where dishes and wines from the different regions of the participating countries are combined.    

Here are the first examples of the creations that the attending professionals will be able to experience:  

Wine soda (chefs own creation with American wine)

Map of four continents fraternized with products of the host country

 (South Africa, Eastern countries, Argentina, Chile and Australia)

Mulsum and cod (Italy)

“Carne ó alambique”  (A wink to Galicia, home of the chefs)

French wine clouds

Macerated Asian fruits



This year 2014, a new event will take place at Amsterdam’s World Bulk Wine Exhibition. An area devoted to the vine and its manifold business possibilities and future. A forum for professionals to meet heads of new businesses that have been created in the vine and wine sector.

In this new area of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, all the commercial applications generated by research, studies and innovations in the vine sector, will be promoted and encouraged. The goal is to broaden commercial contacts among professionals from the sector.



With an increase of 25% of the exhibition space (up to 6000m2), the WBWE will held its sixth edition on the coming 24th and 25th of November 2014 at the Halls 2&3 of the Amsterdam’s RAI. 175 wineries from 16 different countries participated in last year’s WBWE. In addition, purchasers and visitors from 71 different countries visited this fair, being the only one in the world where it is possible to have access to a volume of approximately 30 million hectoliters.

The 6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition will seek to increase this offer even more, as well as the number of producing companies and professional visitors. The 6th WBWE will pay particular attention to the new trends on the global market, the importance of new technologies and the growing quality of the international bulk wine offer.

World Bulk Wine Exhibition