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More than 220 producing companies from 23 different nationalities will be brought together on the coming 21st and 22nd of November at the Amsterdam’s RAI, with the objective of displaying the largest wine diversity with the best quality from the entire global market.

More than 6.000 visitors from 66 different countries are expected at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition. Taking into account current productions, existing global stocks, and that the bulk wine market has grown by nearly five points since the year 2000, which represents 38.6% of global exports in 2015, the 8th WBWE will be of strategic importance for the entire industry.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will once again be the not-to-be-missed event, where importers, brokers and professionals from all over the world will be able to discover in one single space and over two days the biggest market supply regarding variety of origin, qualities and prices.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition continues to live up to the challenge of offering the best space for those who attend with the main objective of doing business. Furthermore, information is power and that is why the WBWE is also the best place to get in contact with the current situation of world markets, thanks to its parallel areas, which are constantly growing. 



"Preferences and trends in the new wine consumer countries"


21st November 2016

13:00: Official Launching of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition Program of Conferences by Jean Marie Aurand, Director General of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), who               will talk about “The global wine market during 2015, with special emphasis on bulk wine”.

            On the occasion of the official launching, this year’s 6thVoice of Wine Prize will be awarded to Wines of Moldova.

13:45: “The wine sector in North Africa”by Belgacem D´Khili, enologist and director of Vitis Company (Tunisia).

14:30: “New scenarios for bulk wine: Towards products of greater added value”by Rafael del Rey, director of the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMv).

15:15: “The impressive growth of sparkling wines in the world: Prosecco’s case”by Andrea Boaretti, oenologist and Prosecco advisor.

15:45: “Wine consumption patterns in Peru”by Melina Bertocchi, journalist of the Sommelier magazine in Peru and wine and spirits’ consultant.

16:15: “The impact of Brexit and Hanjin Bankruptcy to the Wine Industry — a Logistics Provider perspective”by Horst Mueller, Global Director Drinks Logistics and David Thomas,                      Director Seafreight Drinks Logistics UK, both from the company Kuehne & Nagel.

17:00: Tasting-conference “The main grape varieties and wine types in demand by consumers of new producing countries”, by Jean Luc Favarel, Research and Development Director               of the Péra-Pellenc Group.


22nd November 2016

11:00: "The great region of Languedoc-Rousillon: The foremost region in the world of wines of origin and quality wines”, presented by Bernard Augé, Deputy Director of Coop.                              Languedoc-Rosellón

11:45: New trends in Romanian wine consumption”, presented by Marinela Vasilica Ardelean, professor, director of the ‘Romanian Wine Festival’ and author of ‘A Wine Guide of                              Romania and Moldova’

12:15: “Risk Management: Understand transportation insurance & protect your investment!”, presented by Alison Leavitt, Managing Director WSSA (Wine and Spirits Shippers                            Association).

13:00: “Garda and Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, new gladiators in the arena of wine appellations of origin worldwide”, presented by Albino Armani, president of the ATS Pinot Grigio delle                Venezie and Luciano Piona, president of the DOC Garda Consortium.

13:45: “Wine market development in China. Past, today and near future”, presented by Mr. Yongzhong Zhang, manager of Wine and Alcohol Circulation China magazine.



A professional area for those winemakers who wish to present their wines to a professional audience through a private tasting session making the most of this exceptional environment.

Through these tasting sessions, the WBWE helps to promote the excellence and quality of bulk wines, which can be found all over the world; and it also highlights the great diversity of varieties and the natural wealth of each leading region:




2:00 p.m.The quality from the innovation – Cantina collemoro – wines of Abruzzo

3:00 p.m. Let’s discover new tastes  from  an unknown Europe – Wines from Moldova 

4:00 p.m. Great Grapes from the Marche: Pecorino, Passerina and Rosso Piceno – Vinicola carassanese  



11:00 a.m.Great reds from Castilla-La Mancha – Coop San Isidro – Quintanar del Rey

12:00 p.m. Tradition and innovation – Cantine Solferino – Apulia 2017

1:00 p.m. Navarra Wines – Bodegas Viñedos de Calidad de Navarra

2:00 p.m. Mediterranean Wines  –  Coviñas – D.O. Utiel Requena

3:00 p.m. Autochthonous varieties from Salento – Cantine Vigne & Vini 



Voice of Wineis an award created by the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in order to recognize and praise the work carried out by people and groups who defend wine and its values and who fight for this sector which is so important economically, culturally and socially.

Wine of Moldovareceives this award in 2016 “for the efforts of its winegrowers, wineries and public administration in the promotion of bulk wine, for its ability to adapt to international markets and for the quality of their wines”.

Furthermore, Wine of Moldova will take on particular relevance at the 8th WBWE, because Wine of Moldova is participating with 13 wineries, displaying the best of their wines and leading a professional tasting session within the area “Discovering Wine”.

 Moldova currently has 112.000 hectares of vineyards, of which 75.000 hectares are devoted to winegrowing and they produce approximately 1.75 million hectoliters. Such development has been possible thanks to the European Union aid and to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which has invested both in the vineyards’ expansion and in technological enhancements.

In Moldova, 250.000 jobs rely on vineyards and wineries. The Moldavian wine industry represents 3.2% of GDP and 7.5% of exports. These numbers are due to the effortless activity of 140 companies that manage to export for an annual value of approximately 150 million Euros.



This privileged area within the World Bulk Wine Exhibition – Silent Tasting Room – offers the opportunity to discover around 400 wine references in a totally independent –well informed– way. This is a unique occasion to taste the entire world´s wine production in a single day.   

The WBWE provides a wide range of bulk wines and bag-in-box, ranging from wines with designation of origin or protected geographical indication to wines with varietal denomination, as well as generic wines destined for blends or intended to elaborate sparkling wines or aromatized wines, such as vermouth. Such diversity in the supply and the capacity of multiple sales contracts, as well as packaging agreements (both at origin or destination), confers a rare exclusivity to this exhibition.



The International Bulk Wine Competition, the only competition in the world that was conceived to promote this type of wineand to guarantee transparency and a better knowledge of the quality of bulk wines. The IBWC was also created with the aim of bringing to light the virtues of bulk wine among consumers and international distributors, dignifying its consumption and rewarding the efforts of its makers.

Thus, each year, with the aim of promoting the great quality of bulk wines worldwide, the IBWC has a prestigious panel of internationally recognized wine tasters from around the world. For the 2016 IBWC, 16 different nationalities will be represented at the Jury, which will be comprised of 22 wine tasters who are accustomed to participate in major international competitions. And their names are:


Subhash Arora  (India), Melina Bertocci (Venezuela), Paul Robert Blom (Holland), Andrea Boaretti (Italy), Dave Brookes (Australia), Belgacem D´Khili (Tunisia), Jean Luc Favarel (France), Carmen Fernández (Spain), Jean François Gagnaud (France), Marina García (Spain), Edo Heyns  (South Africa), Zoraida Lobato (Brasil), Andrew Oliver(United Kingdom), Cristina Pandolfi (Argentina), Pilar Rodrigo (Tunisia), Béatrice da Rose (France), John Salvi (United Kingdom), Nicola Tucci (Italy), Marinela Vasilica (Romania), Eduardo Viotti (Brazil), Réal Wolfe (Canada), Yunzhou Wu (China) and Mi Yeun Hong (Korea).



The Vine is the biggest meeting point to foster synergies among all the businesses that evolve around the vine and the wine. A specific place for companies from several sectors, whose products are derived from, byproducts, sub-products and/or residues from the vine or the vinification, as well as technology and service supplier’s companies.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition focuses on these types of companies that every year have more presence and relevance within the sector, and whose activities go far beyond wine, whether it is marketed in bulk or bottled. Using every resource and expanding every possibility out of the vineyards, these companies carry out a more profitable activity in economic terms and, at the same time, they boost a more sustainable use of resources at an environmental level. These two aspects ensure the continuity of winegrowing soils.



The WBWE consider it essential to foster Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I). Therefore, since 2014, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition organizes the International Scientific Poster Competition (The Vine Science Award), sponsored by LIEC Agroalimentaria Ltd., Beflexi and Alvinesa, bringing attention to all relevant research related to obtaining and applying wine and vine by-products, as well as ways of converting waste.



This is an area devoted to gastronomic experimentation devised around a workshop & tasting session with proposals inspired by the wine regions of the participating countries. Accompanied by his team, the Galician chef Kike Piñeiro is in charge of this area. Some of the culinary proposals for this edition are:

Wine&soda and the sea bite

Verjuice cocktail (by Paolo) and pickled bivalves

Macerated wine and meat cannelloni

Sangria and fruits

The elixir



From 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. on 21st & 22nd November.

Registration and pick up of admission cards at the entrance of the Amsterdam RAI Amtrium from 9.00 a.m.

World Bulk Wine Exhibition