The World Bulk Wine Exhibition also offers great business opportunities to bottling companies and those who provide customer oriented services.

We look closely at the success story of Prosecco through Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera, one of the most important wineries of Prosecco and an exhibitor at the WBWE for more than four years now.



Thanks to the WBWE’s versatility, wineries, which work with white label, their own brand or with custom-made brands for international clients, will find the ideal business environment for developing their products and favoring their global growth possibilities. Participation in a high profile event such as this one represents an important added value for wineries that bottle in large volumes and client orientated. 

Paolo Lasagni, Managing Director at Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera, a company that since 2009 has been an integral part of Vi.V.O. Group (Veneto Vineyards), the most important cooperative group in the Northeast, gives us some of the keys to Prosecco’s relentless success across the world.


-How would you describe the current moment of Prosecco’s wines and what do you think the future trend will be? 

After a few years of tremendous growth, Prosecco is now consolidating in the European markets; if prices won’t increase too much, this trend will last for a long time. In Europe there’s still a big room for branded premium Prosecco. On the other hand, in US Prosecco is growing massively and we believe it will consolidate at very high volumes, such as Pinot Grigio.  In general, the impact of Brexit is a big question mark on Prosecco trend, since UK is the largest market for this product.


-Which do you think are the more interesting markets in terms of exporting, both currently and in the future? 

The two most interesting markets are UK and US at the moment. In the medium term, China could be very interesting.


-Prosecco’s wines are being recognized all over the world and they have been doing very well over the past few years, what other wines would you highlight for their outstanding commercial position? 

Italian Pinot Grigio has a great commercial position; particularly, the change from IGT delle Venezie to DOC delle Venezie with 2017 harvest will bring to a even better positioning of this wine.


How would you describe Prosecco’s wines for those purchasers from countries that they do not yet know them?

A great daily fresh and light sparkling wine you don’t get tired of, even after many glasses.


-What kind of international gastronomy do you consider to be the best pairing for Prosecco’s wines? 

One of the strength of Prosecco is that it matches very well almost with every dish, therefore there isn’t any particular gastronomy that would better fit with it.


-You are participating in the fair since its beginning and you are in a unique position considering the wines you produce. So, what do you expect from your participation in the WBWE?

This year we are about to face one of the toughest harvest in Europe of the last 10 years, due to frost, drought, and, in certain areas, hail… It’s going to be a very thrilling exhibition. I am also expecting to see market reactions to the introduction of the new Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie.





The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is aimed at producers and purchasers of bulk wine, wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, international chains, dealers, media, etc.

The main objective of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is to ensure that each participating exhibitor, who presents their varieties of quality bulk wine, has the best possible international showcase for their products. This is a goal that has been achieved thanks to our commitment to attract buyers from all over the world. The WBWE is an event of strategic importance not only due to the dates or the place where it is held, nor for its capacity to gather international trade operators, but for its 360 degree global vision on what the bulk wine sector has to offer.

The 9th WBWE will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2017 at the Amsterdam’s RAI: an exclusive space where, during the last eight years, the main producers and purchasers from all over the world have gathered for the most intense business days of the year.


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