“When the whole is better than the sum of its parts” (Ed Adams)



10:30 02/12 The art of Blending wine

Elaboration of a contemporary « crianza » with mediterranean grape varieties

Jean Natoli

Agricultural Engineer & Consultant, Laboratoire Natoli & Associés

11:15 02/12 The art of Blending Wine

Chinese wine and Chinese wine region

Liao Xiaoyan

General Manager, Clovitis

12:00 02/12 The art of Blending Wine

Czech winemaking and fortified wines

Petr Hloušek

Winemaker, Víno J. Stávek

12:45 02/12 The art of Blending Wine

Why bother with bulk? The good, the bad and the ugly

Alison Flemming MW

Export Sales Director, Reh Kendermann GmbH

14:00 02/12 The art of Blending Wine

Avantages du couplage Collage en ligne/filtration tangentielle

Yannick Cadot

Product Manager Filtration, Bucher Vaslin

14:45 02/12 The art of blending wine

The world is canning

Ana Diogo Draper

Practical hints from the winemaker

Director of winemaking, Artesa Vineyards & Winery

Robert L. Williams

Available technologies and its differences

Founder, WICresearch.com

Debora Parker Wong

Debora Parker Wong

US Market Trends and Consumer POV

Global Wine Editor and Professor, SOMM Journal and Santa Rosa JC


10:00 03/12 The art of Blending wine

Blending Perfectly: Responding to a changing consumer and winemaking challenges

Gerd Stepp

Consultant Winemaker, WeinWerk STEPP

10:45 03/12 The art of Blending wine

Moldovan wines blending: a solution to get awareness on global markets

Ion Luca

Director & Winemaker, Carpe Diem Wines

11:30 horas 03/12 The art of blending wine

Opportunity of an innovative biotechnological tool to preserve bulk white wine color and aromatic potential overseas

Jean Michel Salmon

Jean Michel Salmon

Research Director, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

José María Heras

José María Heras

Technical Manager, Lallemand

12:15 03/12 The art of Blending wine

Argentina Beyond Malbec: a Taste of Blends. A look at Argentine wine blending for the European market and consumer possibilities.

Cristina Pandolfi

Wine Consultant, Agricultural Engineer

12:45 03/12 The art of Blending wine

The blend versus the single vineyard wine in classic wine regions

Frank Smulders

International Wine Educator & Wine Consultant, Vinum Wine Management & Consultancy