The WBWE Presents: Silvia Anthonj


The WBWE Presents: Silvia Anthonj

Silvia Anthonj is one of the wine professionals who has always supported the World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

On the 10th anniversary of the world’s biggest trade fair devoted to the bulk wine business, Silvia Anthonj will accompany us once again, as well as participating as a member of jury at the IBWC (International Bulk Wine Competition).

Today she answers for the WBWE to a series of questions about the present and future of the industry, which has evolved so much throughout the WBWE’s 10th years of existence.

Silvia Anthonj has written several Supermarket-Wine-Guides for the German market under her pen-name “Cordula Eich”. Through her publications as a wine critic, she has influenced the German market, and tasted and tested more than 14,000 different wines. She lectures on wine communication at the University of Geisenheim and is currently responsible for two German wine regions within the wine guide Gault & Millau. Since 2016, she has also been running her own winery in The Netherlands.

– What do you expect from your participation at the WBWE?

I expect to obtain a good overview of the current market situation.


– How do you see the future of the wine industry?

I think that in the future, good cooperation will be the key to success: joining forces and communicating well is what the industry needs.


– In your opinion, which are the most interesting wines now? And where are they produced?

I love the development of the “new” wine regions such as England, The Netherlands or Switzerland.


– Which markets are currently showing the most potential for bulk wine imports?



– Has bulk wine attained its peak in terms of its production capacity?

I don’t think so.


– How can producers better communicate the benefits of wine in bulk to suppliers?

Bulk wine can not only ensure standardized quality, but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Smart logistics do not only save money, they also save the environment too.


– What impact do you think Germany has on the bulk wine industry moving forward?

I think there is still a lot of potential for bulk wine in Germany. Sales channels are changing, and the mentality is following slowly.


– The stigma surrounding bulk wines has been reduced dramatically over the past decade. Why do you think this is and how can bulk professionals best capitalize upon this shift?

There have been significant leaps in quality control, so consumers are getting a much better product than they used to. Many bulk wine drinkers enjoy “their” wine with a specific taste which stays the same more than the classic wine drinker, who wants to find a reference to the weather, the terroir, the winemaker…. by communicating stability is where the professionals can score.

– What is the biggest challenge currently facing bulk wine professionals?

Personally, I believe that the challenge now is not to get into a price battle…. It has taken years to polish up the image of bulk wine and we have good qualities at fairly reasonable prices. It would be dangerous to lower the prices at the cost of quality again. Unfortunately, this development has already been seen in the retail sector.



The huge international gathering for the wine trade will once again reunite the world’s professionals from the industry on the 26th and 27th of November 2018 in the RAI Amsterdam.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is devoted to bulk wine producers and purchasers, wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, international chains, traders, media, etc.

Between 70% and 80% of the bulk wine exported across the world can be found at the WBWE, making this fair the place to be if you don’t want to miss out on a crucial momentum for your business and for producers’ future.


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