The wines from Eastern Europe are gaining importance at the WBWE

The wines from Eastern Europe are gaining importance at the WBWE

Macedonia notably increases its presence with a strong focus on conquering international


Moldavia will also have a leading role participating with 18 producing companies


Every year, the presence of wine and spirit producers from South Eastern European countries at the WBWE Amsterdam grows. On December 2nd & 3rd, for the first time ever there will be a joint booth with four companies from Macedonia, small country between Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria, which recently changed its name into Northern Macedonia due to an agreement with its neighbour Greece (where a region with the same name also exists).

Under the umbrella of the National Ministry of Agriculture and the organisation “Wines of Macedonia”, there will be four companies showcasing their offer: Imako Vino, Lozar, Movino and Milev GD Tikves Winery. Despite the fact that producers from Northern Macedonia are very successful with their top wines mainly made from the famous grape Vranec (“Black Stallion”) and won more than 90 medals in international competitions this year, this grape variety still stands for a bulk wine share of 63 percent.

With a total vineyard surface of 33,423 hectares, the annual production of Northern Macedonia reaches 80 million litres, of which 85 percent are exported to 38 countries throughout the world. Smart buyers know that Northern Macedonia with its ideal climate for viticulture produces very good value for money due to huge investments into modern technology over the last two decades.

The situation is quite similar in Moldova. Seven years ago there were only three exhibitors from this country at the WBWE Amsterdam; the 2019 edition will see a record participation of 18 companies, compared to 14 last year.

With a vineyard surface of 113,000 hectares, Moldova has a far higher production than Macedonia, but the same export pressure, as there are only 2.5 million people living there. During the past few years, the joint booth organized by “Wine of Moldova” in Amsterdam has seen a growing interest from buyers from all corners of the world.


South Eastern Europe’s presence at the WBWE 2019 will be completed by wineries from Bulgaria (Vinprom Svishtov), Romania (Jidvej and Vinicola Averesti), Ukraine (LLC Shampan) and Georgia (Bolero).

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